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TransGuardian President Jim Moseley Publishes New Book: Yearning for Eden

Los Angeles, CA, April 16, 2012 --( This new book by Jim Moseley describes what the Bible teaches about heaven. The text begins with this statement:

"There are ten times more references in the Bible to Heaven than to Hell or Hades. While God wants us to know that Hell is a terrifying option, He is more concerned, as a loving Father, to show what joyous rewards He has prepared for those who choose to accept Heaven through Christ."

This book searches Scripture to answer authoritatively some of the most compelling questions about the afterlife, such as:

Will We Be Ghosts? Will We Retain Our Identities? Will We Become Angels? Will We Have Special Love Relationships? Will We Have Emotions? Will We Have Desires? Will We Sin? Will We Learn in Heaven? Will We All Have Beautiful Bodies? Will Our Bodies Have New Abilities? Will We Eat in Heaven? Will We Be Hungry? How Will Food Taste? Will We Eat Meat? Will We Rest and Sleep? Will We Work? Will We Have Homes?

"Many believe we can't know what Heaven is like," said Moseley. "But the Bible, which is provably divine in origin and therefore reliable, is in fact a wealth of information for those who make the effort to mine it."

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