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Mother's Day 2012 and the Legacy of Motherhood on Future Generations

In response to the recent, April 18th 2012 Vatican reprimand of US Catholic Nuns and the approaching "Mother's day 2012," Michael Parish of Calcoic kicks off a "future generation rights campaign" calling for consumer boycotts and a declaration of non-violent war on the current generation's self centeredness and mishandling of this planet's resources and relationships as a trust account for future generations.

Mother's Day 2012 and the Legacy of Motherhood on Future Generations
Federal Way, WA, May 08, 2012 --( As Mother's day approaches, in the year 2012, with pivotal elections, jockeying political issues and predictions of a looming "dooms day" grappling for headlines, Michael Parish of goes hog wild with "mother" metaphors as he begins a new "future generation rights campaign." Spurred by the Vatican's 04/18/2012 reprimand of US Catholic nuns (Reuters, 04/20/2012), stating that nuns "are not the authentic teachers of faith and morals." Michael says, "So Mother Teresa didn't teach us anything?" In further response, Michael is calling for consumer boycotts on all unfriendly practices and products that harm the planet and its inhabitants. (Please see links on home page for information.) Michael is also calling for a "declaration of non-violent war on this generation's self-centeredness," pointing out that "we all carry the responsibility of stewardship, like mothers nurturing and delivering the secured health of this planet for future generations, giving birth every moment to our collective legacy. It's time to walk our talk about two simple golden rules most of us have signed up for with our spirituality and citizenship: 1. Loving thy neighbor and 2. Being a good steward."

Tens to hundreds to thousands of years from now will future human generations say: "How could our ancestors have been so careless, greedy, self-centered and unaccountable with this trust account?!" Michael says, "We plan and act like the Earth belongs solely to these current generations and as we destroy, pave over and use things up we conveniently just drop a substitute or bad excuse in place of things that took millions of years to form and evolve and that are irreplaceable. We are wearing out old excuses to cover our selfishness like: we must suspend human rights and environmental regulations in the name of economic recovery and national security." Michael blasts, "Meanwhile we consume unscathed like happy overfed hogs, as our troops are getting killed, thousands of children are dieing every day unnecessarily and the Earth trust account is getting liquidated. Again, as our population grows, we exponentially are consuming a greater un-renewable share of our host planet that can't be replaced and than pass whats left to all descendants who follow."

"Where exactly are we as a growing population going wrong?" Michael asks, "Look at our hypocrisy with our convictions, we debate about stem cell use and abortions yet we allow between 16,000 ( mortality) to 21,000 (Unicef) of our world and or neighbor's children to die each day from solvable problems related to poverty and hunger. According to the UN 2007 summit, we could fix these problems for $31 billion a year invested in agricultural programs, a fraction of the price of our Wall Street Bail out or defense budget. (NY Times 06/04/2008) Michael shouts, "Where did Jesus say we draw the boundary line on loving thy neighbor? We ignore basic economic rules of 'no free lunch,' 'secondary effects,' 'marginal thinking,' 'opportunity costs,' as our collective 'invisible hand' is pummeling people, animals and the environment, based upon a combination of ignorance, bad information and 'economizing behavior.'" Michael points out, "We recently had the worst oil spill in the history of the USA and within a week after 86 days of it gushing out of control, ruining the gulf beyond measure, we are shouting 'drill baby drill!'" Michael exclaims, "That oil you want to drill for doesn't belong to just our current generations to burn up in cars, let alone spill all over creation. Meanwhile we have talk show hosts with Swiss bank accounts acting like they are ordinary citizens, cheering the apathy and self-centeredness on."

This is a historically pivotal time period as we are peaking in power with a high level of technology and communication savvy to help show what kind of people we have become, what we represent. As the thick of partisan politics wrestles over what issues and values matter most to voters, Michael would like to remind everyone that "No one has a voice without clean air to breath and clean water to wet their wagging tongues in a body composed almost entirely of water, air and minerals."

Michael says, "Like Joe the plumber, I am another imperfect middle class citizen trying to represent a set of values that I think are paramount." A USMC vet, full time carpenter, artist and inventor, Michael says "There is no mother's day, father's day, Joe the plumber, Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, Bill O'Reilly, the Vatican or nuns without the full life support of this planet. The war on women, entitlements and regulations isn't so much a war on big government waste, which we all can agree needs waged, but a seductive, ignorant, clueless, self-centered, bite the hand that feeds you, war on the earth and its current and future inhabitants. It is a war against the 'golden rules' of 'love thy neighbor' and good stewardship principles by the very political party members claiming to represent the church of golden rule."

So on April 18th 2012, when the Vatican reprimanded a prominent U.S. Catholic Nun organization, representing over 80% of America's Catholic Nuns, for "spending too much time on poverty and social justice concerns and certain radical feminist themes incompatible with the Catholic faith" and that the male bishops are the "church's authentic teachers of faith and morals,"(Reuters 2012/04/20) Michael choked on the news; "These women who do the hands on Catholic charity work, school teaching and basic triage for social justice aren't authentic teachers? Mother Teresa had said, 'If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we all belong to each other.'" Michael says, "How many of the multiple counts of crimes and cover-ups of crimes on children were Catholic Nuns involved in? How long can the Vatican appear legitimate and shut out women from being ordained leaders when Catholic Nuns are the greater percentage of the solution in action and zero percentage of the criminal elements in the church? Many religions are stuck backwards in time before women championing the right to vote. Like we can solve any of these huge Earth relationship problems without the combined leadership of both sexes."

"So who are we anyway?" Michael questions, "What will our legacy be? How certified is our consumption upon this trust account? Shouldn't we just be collecting interest rather than draining principle?" Michael Parish requests, "Please join the growing campaign to safeguard and give voice to future generation rights and check in at for eco entertainment giving voice to the voiceless and information links on how to be a better neighbor and steward for the good of all in respect to all past and future generations and the responsible mother within us all."
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