Luxion and Sabertooth Introduce LuSt, the First 3D Realtime Web Service Platform

A completely new way to experience 3D rendered content and explore product variations with the ability to change options, environment and views across any platform from desktop, server or cloud-based setup.

Luxion and Sabertooth Introduce LuSt, the First 3D Realtime Web Service Platform
Irvine, CA, August 09, 2012 --( Luxion, a leading provider of advanced 3d rendering and lighting technology and makers of KeyShot®, the first real time ray tracing and global illumination program, and Sabertooth, an interactive and digital production company, have joined forces to deliver LuStTM, the world’s first interactive 3D rendering web service platform.

What is LuSt?
One of the key challenges in utilizing 3d assets to create imagery for consumer-oriented solutions is rendering. Product designers and marketers want to show every possible option to the potential customer, however the costs of creating multiple versions of the assets becomes very labor intensive and expensive.

With LuSt the goal is to put the control of the rendering in the users’ hands. Product variations are created by the user through selection of product options and the environments they want the client to experience. The image is then created on demand and delivered to the user. Now consumers, advertisers, marketers and designers can view and interact with 3D assets in realtime, with photographic quality, to create their own images from any location using PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, or any Android based phones and tablets. This is the power of LuSt’s 3D Rendering as a Web Service (3DRaaS).

How it works
LuSt is built on a scalable server model that utilizes CPUs for rendering, leveraging the low cost and multi-thread support of modern CPUs. The Luxion render engine is very efficient, built to run on everything from 3D workstations to notebooks. This makes the server requirements very cost effective in that LuSt has low memory requirements and scalable CPU assignments to support many users per server. LuSt also supports both Windows and Linux clustered platforms, so the software runs on systems that your team is already using and familiar with. On the client side, they have designed the LuSt API based on open standards, supporting integration with any language that can interface with JSON and REST.

Who it’s for
This is a service that has been developed for advertising agencies and marketing departments of large corporations. The solutions can be customized to serve the following purposes:

- Interactive product viewer deployed inside of a website allowing end users to visualize photographic content in realtime
- Interactive 3D configurator deployed inside a web browser or other GUI environment allowing for custom configuration of cars, motorcycles, boats, planes, athletic shoes or any other product
- Interactive desktop or server solution for advertisers, marketers and creative professionals for generating marketing imagery based on approved configurations materials, colors, finishes, camera angles and lighting
Interactive kiosk installations for use in showrooms and trade shows

Features and Specifications
Powered by the production proven Luxion 3D realtime raytracing engine using scientifically accurate materials and real world lighting, LuSt feature the following capabilities.

- Custom content development from any 3D data format
- Plugin free viewing experience
- Desktop, server or cloud based setup
- 100% CPU based solution
- High scalability (based on available compute power)
- Multi-user option for collaborative model viewing
- Support for internet security standards
- Support for web browsers (IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari)
- Support for iOS and Android application integration
- Server support for Windows and Linux

Pricing and packaging
Full, turn-key solutions are available for LuSt, including custom interface development and server deployment, setup and overall product maintenance. Pricing will vary based on the implementation approach the client chooses (Server-based or hosted) as well as on the number of simultaneous users the solution should be able to handle.

More information
For more information and a demo request visit or To get an exclusive first of look or schedule a demo, please visit the Luxion booth #1101 at Siggraph 2012, held from August 7-9 in the LA Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA.
Josh Mings
Full Press Release (PDF)

Full Press Release (PDF)

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