Support Israel Event Held in Port au Prince, Haiti

Cross to Light hosted the first “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem” support Israel event at the Delmas Mayor’s house in Port au Prince, Haiti where community leaders and people from various churches came out to show their support and pray for the peace of Israel.

Support Israel Event Held in Port au Prince, Haiti
Santa Ana, CA, August 24, 2012 --( Cross to Light, the ministry that operates the Haiti Bible Training Center in the Delmas area of Port au Prince, Haiti is a strong supporter of Israel and conducts on-going efforts in support of the people and nation of Israel. Cross to Light hosts annual Holy Land tours to Israel, distributes pro-Israel items, operates and holds various support Israel events throughout the year which now include the “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem” event in Haiti.

Cross to Light held its first “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem” support Israel event in Port au Prince, Haiti’s capital city on Saturday, August 4th. The timing for this event has proven to be crucial as fear of war between Israel and Iran continues to escalate.

This event drew community leaders from all over Haiti that wanted to come out and express their support of Israel. Historically, the nation of Haiti was one of three critical last countries to vote for Israel to become a nation on November 29th, 1947 at the United Nations General Assembly. Resolution 181, otherwise known as the Partition Plan, was voted in favor by the majority of the UN assembly. Resolution 181 called for the partition of the British-ruled Palestine Mandate into a Jewish state and an Arab state and provided the Jews, escaping the Holocaust, a place to live without the fear of being exterminated. Without Haiti’s vote, it is possible that this crucial resolution would not have passed.

The Mayor of Delmas, Wil­son Jeudy, was gracious to help provide the event’s venue where there was live music, an important message and prayer for Haiti’s President Martelly.

Cross to Light plans to hold more support Israel event’s in Haiti to demonstrate the nation’s steadfast and continued support of Israel and the Jewish people.

About Cross to Light
Cross to Light is a non-profit ministry that provides biblical, pastoral and missionary training. The Haiti Bible Training Center was established after the 7.0 earthquake that occurred on January 12th 2010 that rocked Port au Prince, killing over 300,000 people. It is located in Port au Prince, operated by Cross to Light and directed by Pastor Brian McDaniel. Its students are comprised of young men from the various provinces of Haiti. These men are being built up in the faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ and the bible and all have a deep desire to serve their communities and people of Haiti. They are taught through an intense bible program. Part of the students training is serving some of the approximate 1,000,000 people still displaced, living in tents, as a result of the earthquake. They also help with various churches, bible studies, feeding programs, orphanages, and community relief. For further details:

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