Bernard Sheridan and Par Breakers Golf Academy: the Future of Golf Instruction

Par Breakers Golf Academy Director of Instruction Bernard Sheridan takes his academy to new levels using the cutting edge of online golf instruction with The Golf Channel's Swing Fix online instruction.

Bernard Sheridan and Par Breakers Golf Academy: the Future of Golf Instruction
Limerick, PA, December 06, 2012 --( Bernard Sheridan of Par Breakers Golf Academy located on 232 W. Ridge Pike in Limerick Pa. 19468 is getting world wide exposure giving lessons online for the Golf Channel's new online instruction site powered by Swing pal. Here Bernard Sheridan can give a golf lesson to students anywhere in the world via the site's powerful new software. Golfers sign up for a lesson with Bernard on the site by choosing him as their instructor. Next the golfer shoots a video of their swing from to positions. They can do this with any device like their smartphone video webcam. One looking face on and the other looking at the target from behind the golfer. This is called down the line view. Next the golfer uploads their videos to the site. Once this happens Bernard is notified via email that he has a student that is ready to have their swing analyzed. Bernard the uses the Swing pal software that is built into the site with tools to draw a line and other objects to show the golfer points in their swing that need work. Bernard then attaches video tips and or drills for the student to work on to help them improve. The student can do the drills for a few weeks then video tape their swing again and take another lesson to help them continue to get better. The best thing about online lessons is that the student can view the lesson and drills over and over. Plus they can video their swing anywhere and not even have to leave home to take a lesson. Plus the price is much more affordable than the cost of a lesson in person. The student can also ask questions by posting them on the site for Bernard to answer. This is the future of golf instruction and will only get better as time goes on.
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