TransGuardian, Inc.
TransGuardian, Inc.

TransGuardian as Multi-Carrier Software Provider on Ontrac Website

TransGuardian as Multi-Carrier Software Provider on Ontrac Website
Los Angeles, CA, December 12, 2012 --( OnTrac, the premier regional carrier in the seven Western States, now features TransGuardian on its Multi-Carrier Software web page at this link:

TransGuardian ( offers a multi-carrier shipping solution that will typically save 30% over single carrier systems, reduce labor, and improve customer experience. TransGuardian's software can be web-based, downloadable, and/or integrated seamlessly via API with existing business systems and technologies.

The software includes multi-carrier rating, routing, 3rd Party Insurance (via Wells Fargo Insurance Services), in/out barcode scanning, single or batch shipping, proof of delivery, automated tracking/tracing, queued and parked shipments, Zone Skip, unique RMA solutions, reports, USPS SCAN Forms and FIRM Books, manifesting, invoice reconciliation, and customizable preferences. It is customizable and scalable. Available over multiple work stations, locations, or countries.

TransGuardian offers its clients special discounts with OnTrac, which ships overnight between California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Oregon and Washington State.

"OnTrac easily saves our clients 50% over FedEx," said Madlene Moseley, TransGuardian's COO. "We cover OnTrac up to $150,000 per parcel at deeply discounted insurance rates, and we have had an excellent security experience with OnTrac parcels."
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