Trio of Articles Exposes Issues Surrounding Birth Control-Insurance Debate

A series of three articles, by the author of the explosive exposé on the Religious Right, uncovers the multiple issues surrounding the Birth Control-Insurance Debate.

Trio of Articles Exposes Issues Surrounding Birth Control-Insurance Debate
Denver, CO, December 24, 2012 --( The first in the trio of articles is titled "The 'Citizen's United' of Religious Liberty" and explores how granting the Catholic Church first amendment rights is the equivalent to the Citizen's United decision. The articles explores how the Church, as an employer, creates another avenue for constitutional rights to be bestowed on businesses rather than individual rights upheld.

The second article in the series is titled "Religious Right Controlling the Birth Control Argument." It covers the many ways that the Christian Right has framed the birth control argument to their advantage.

The third and final article of the series is titled "Dangerous Precedent: Religious Exemption from Federal Law" and delves into the various ramifications of the Church receiving a religious exemption to following a federal law. It presents how such a landmark legal decision could negatively impact the nation in many areas.

All of these articles can be found on All Voices ( under the news contributor name A.F. Alexander or the title of the article. A.F. Alexander is the author of the explosive book "Religious Right: The Greatest Threat to Democracy" through Blazing Sword Publishing, Ltd.
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