Premier Sacramento Roofing Company Says Winterize Your Home Now from Wind Gusts and Rain

Yancey Home Improvements, a Sacramento Roofing and Remodeling Company, Encourages Being Prepared for Mother Nature’s Harsh Winters in 2013.

Premier Sacramento Roofing Company Says Winterize Your Home Now from Wind Gusts and Rain
Sacramento, CA, January 07, 2013 --( Yancey’s Sacramento roofing division encourages residents and businesses to winterize their homes with crucial roof repairs before winter gets here and the damage becomes irreparable. There are many signs that a roof may be in trouble and a fast fix can save money in the long run.

“Too many times people wait until the last possible second to get their roof fixed,” President Tom Yancey said. “This can lead to a total roof replacement and thousands of dollars in cost.”

Homeowners should check on their roof at least once a year for common problems. Areas where the shingles are loose, chipped or gone need to be replaced before water seeps in and causes damage to the inside of their home. The California winds are notorious for contributing to a roof's demise by ripping shingles off or loosening nails.

Homeowners need to keep an eye on the inside of the home as well. Dark spots on the ceiling, drooping ceiling tiles and leaks can mean major problems to not only the roof, but the ceiling and support beams as well. Over time, they can begin to rot, become moldy and eventually collapse.

“People don't often look at the roof, and so they think everything is all right until something begins to happen inside the home,” Yancey said. “Even then, they may wait weeks or even months before calling a roofing contractor.”

The key to superior roof repairs is to hire a contractor with a good reputation that you can trust. Always look for Sacramento roofing contractors established in the area with decades of experience.

A reputable company will visit the home and provide a free estimate on what the homeowner needs and how much it will cost. They'll sit down and go through the estimate with a fine-toothed comb to make sure the customer understands every aspect of the repair. Yancey also guarantees its work and will always listen to any complaints and problems that homeowners may have.

“Customer satisfaction is our greatest achievement,” Yancey said. “We have people that come to us for roof repairs and end up choosing us for various remodeling tasks because they know and understand our pledge to our customers.”

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