US Economy Likely to Improve in 2013

A new survey by Money shows that the U.S. economy is likely to improve in 2013, despite headwinds facing the nation.

Destin, FL, January 22, 2013 --( The U.S. economy is likely to improve in 2013, according to a new poll of consumers just completed by Money, which surveys consumers on economic issues important to their well being and provides insight and advice on ways to save money.

The majority of those surveyed or 60% said the nation’s economy will improve in 2013 over last year when the U.S. was in the throws of an economic downturn. There are growing signs the economy is on the mend, with better employment levels in many regions of the country. However, about three-quarters of the nation still feels their region is still in an economic recession.

The remaining 40% said they feel the U.S. economy will not improve during the year, despite efforts being made on a variety of fronts. The 2008 financial collapse, which started in the housing market and on Wall Street, with political battles in Congress seem to be too much to overcome in the five years since the nation’s economic downfall.

Wall Street and Main Street are at complete opposites. The Dow Jones Industrial average is at a five year high, while much of the rest of the economy, especially affecting the middle class pains the nation.

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