Sengenics to Launch Global Biomarker Discovery and Clinical Trials Service Based on Oxford Gene Technology’s Patented Functional Protein Array

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, February 25, 2013 --( Sengenics today announced that it has signed an agreement with Oxford Gene Technology (OGT) to enable the launch of a global cancer biomarker discovery and clinical trial immuno-response monitoring service. The service will be based upon OGT’s proprietary full-length functional protein array platform.

Sengenics has been offering protein array-based biomarker discovery services through OGT for a number of years. The company will aim to launch this service from a new purpose-built protein array facility by Q2 2013. This will be the first facility in the world outside Oxford capable of running the OGT developed protein array technology.

According to Dr John Anson, Executive Vice President R&D at OGT, “Our protein array technology has proved to be highly successful in identifying promising diagnostic signatures for cancers and autoimmune diseases. In order to better serve the Asian market, we will be enabling Sengenics, our strategic partner in Asia, to provide biomarker discovery services based on our proprietary protein array platform in their own facility.”

The protein array technology platform has also been effectively used by a number of large pharmaceutical companies and research institutions for immuno-monitoring of drug and microbial response.

Dr Arif Anwar, Executive Director at Sengenics said that “We are very excited at the opportunity to expand our service offering globally with the unique protein array technology from OGT. We have already utilised this technology with a very high success rate for more than 20 projects in Asia. What is particularly encouraging is how quickly our collaborators have moved on to validate findings and establish IP. The fact that every protein on the array is correctly folded, functional and full-length really is the key factor that has led to this success.”

About Sengenics

Founded in 2008, Sengenics was the 1st company in Asia to offer genomics based diagnostics services. Since its inception, Sengenics has focused upon building key research collaborations and diagnostics facilities throughout Asia. The company has an exclusive strategic partnership with Oxford Gene Technology (OGT) for Asia. In addition to providing research and diagnostics services, Sengenics continues to develop its own IP and downstream genomics, proteomics and antibody biomarker based tests.

About Oxford Gene Technology

Founded by Professor Ed Southern, Oxford Gene Technology (OGT) provides innovative genetics research and biomarker solutions to advance molecular medicine. The company has two trading businesses: Genomics comprises of CytoSure™ cytogenetics array, labelling and interpretation software products and services for the detection of chromosomal abnormalities, and Genefficiency™ Genomic Services, a unique combination of platforms, expertise and processing capabilities to deliver rapid, relevant genomic data. The Biomarkers business utilises proprietary next generation technologies to build a rich patent-protected portfolio of promising biomarkers for early stage cancer detection including advanced programmes in colorectal, prostate and pancreatic cancer plus the autoimmune disease systemic lupus erythematosus.
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