Timber Harvesting Magazine Sets Higher Standard

Timber Harvesting & Wood Fiber Operations magazine, a publication of Hatton-Brown Publishers, Inc., will improve and expand its graphics package, editorial content, and circulation in the spring of 2013.

Montgomery, AL, March 01, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Industry leading forest products magazine will improve and expand in Spring 2013.

The nation’s flagship logging magazine, Timber Harvesting & Wood Fiber Operations, is elevating its already high standard by refining and expanding its editorial content and rolling out a new graphics package, effective with its May-June issue.

According to DK Knight, Co-Publisher and Executive Editor, the expanded editorial offering will be more valuable, educational, diverse and entertaining, and will incorporate a new international element.

“Our goal is to be more selective in the loggers we interview, more thorough in digging up beneficial information, and more concise in presenting that information to our subscribers, who today find themselves so pressed for time. We’ll also include some news from abroad and occasionally carry an interesting international feature to keep our U.S. subscriber base better informed,” Knight said.

Several new departments will be designed to help loggers build their businesses, refine operations, reduce costs, evaluate equipment, manage risks, appreciate forest and logging history, and ease stress, he added.

The makeover will include a new logo, fresh look and higher quality paper.

Timber Harvesting is published six times per year by Hatton-Brown Publishers, Inc.

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DK Knight, Executive Editor and Co-Publisher
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Hatton-Brown Publishers, Inc.
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