Second-Screen TV Standard Revealed & Shared Using Crowdfunding

"Prototype now available, the Second-Screen Standard is revealed. We are in a good position regarding patent claims, they are very broad in terms of TV object selection in conjunction with a Second-Screen, synced tablet TV ad claim is fantastic," said Joe Lorkovic, PixFlx CEO.

Second-Screen TV Standard Revealed & Shared Using Crowdfunding
San Diego, CA, April 03, 2013 --( "Recently we have launched some crowdfunding, interestingly, people are in for a big surprise, this is not just a second-screen standard, its the up-coming television standard period. Once the public can select TV objects they see, this sets a new level of functionality expectation in the market, we have raised the bar and the new consumer expectation will be that they can select all things seen on TV," said Ashley Gaona, PixFlx CMO.

"This company has a responsibility to ensure the roll-out of the standard is fair to both new and existing businesses wanting to be involved in this multibillion dollar market, we have that ability having meticulously crafted a shared network model. Currently we do have 10K partner licensing deals through crowdfunding that will soon be gone and any licensing deal will start at 25k. We also have a ground floor opportunity, see http://PixFlx.Tv for crowdfunding links," said Joe Lorkovic, PixFlx CEO.

"On http://PixFlx.Tv extraordinary opportunities to partake in the roll-out of the future of TV are offered, its unprecedented to be offered the ability to become involved at the direct partner level in such ground breaking technology. That said we know few people will have the wherewithal to assess this at its early stage, for those who do, I am looking forward to talking to them," said Ashley Gaona, PixFlx CMO.

Detailed information about this standard setting roll-out is available at http://PixFlx.Tv.

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