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Newport Beach, CA, April 05, 2013 --( Colleagues in Law, a California firm providing client-focused interdisciplinary services has become the Nation’s top secret to the long battle against Mortgage Lending. As the situation of homeowners nationally has worsened and stories of Lender/Servicer neglect have increased, the Advocacy & Dispute Resolution (A&DR) service of Colleagues in Law has proven its results defending homeowners through a unique strategy that has been successful for homeowner’s that have been denied a loan modification with their current Mortgage Lender/Servicer. In the cases where lenders or servicers will not respond to initial contact, Colleagues in Law has been aggressive in defending homeowners with their strong will to put pressure on the hands of the Lenders & Servicers.

Millions who are financially struggling and facing foreclosure have tried modifying their loans, many have failed, and many who had loans modified only received a short-term fix from their Lender, later resulting in default because of the bank's poor decisions. Since Lenders and the Regulation have been slow to act, homeowners are only finding resolution through an alternative solution. While Colleagues in Law has been leading the industry with its unique legal strategy, the trend of litigation is increasing nationally. According to the Mortgage Litigation Index, national litigation against servicers rose 88% in the beginning of the first quarter of 2013 even as overall mortgage-related litigation was unchanged.

To illustrate the severity of the situation, JPMorgan Chase reported $1.1 billion in litigation expenses during the first quarter. In addition, Bank of America reported an increase of $558 million in one quarter to total $940 million in litigation costs for three months. Furthermore, Bank of America faces more than $25 billion in judgments and settlements from securities fraud suits. However even as the second largest non-oil producing company in the USA, Bank of America's net income in 2012 was only $2.2 billion and this settlement almost equals the dollar value of Bank of America's total Loan Loss Provision. Even Wells Fargo has become a target of a DoJ probe for discriminatory Lending, settling civil charges for $85 million against the claim that over 10,000 borrowers were inappropriately steered into subprime mortgages, loans with inflated appraisals, or had documents falsified. Homeowners, legislators, and bankers are still learning the extent of America's poor mortgage lending practices and homeowners have found the threat of litigation along with an alternative strategy like Colleagues in Law’s can be the most effective recourse available.

Although one could argue that litigation trends have increased in all disciplines such as patent, commercial, and medical law, the cases being brought against Lenders are not frivolous. To the contrary, mortgage litigation cases have highlighted the severity of America's regulatory environment and lack of judgment, oversight, and ethical culture within many banks. With Servicers preferring to foreclose rather than modify and staff falsifying and ignoring documents, homeowners generally have been forced to ask themselves "why settle when there’s a chance to fight back" in order to avoid paying banks thousands of dollars unnecessarily or even to keep their homes.

"It's apparent that the system in place to assist homeowners obtain a Loan Modification is broken, statistics show that Modifications simply do not work and frankly are a waste of time and stress for homeowners," said Cathy Taylor, Case Manager at Colleagues in Law. "We've succeeded resolving our clients' legal disputes without litigation but have found that the only way to have our individual client's voice heard with the Lender is by putting pressure on the banking systems with the threat of Litigation. Colleagues in Law has been taking an aggressive step to bring appropriate action to the guilty. Unfortunately, Lenders still remain unorganized. The time is coming to bring our clients together, join forces, and open the eyes of the guilty."

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