CS3 Technology 18 Service Pillar Recognition Program April 2013 Winners

CS3 Technology’s Service Pillar recognition program honors O-Tex Pumping employees. Congratulations Melissa Earls and Tiffany Cornwell, Recipients of the Under Promise, Over Deliver Service Pillar Recognition Award for April!

Tulsa, OK, May 14, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Melissa Earls, Controller, and Tiffany Cornwell, Assistant Controller, with O-Tex Pumping are the recipients of CS3 Technology’s “Under Promise, Over Deliver” Service Pillar program recognition. The tenets of this Service Pillar are to always be conservative in your estimates and promises, then deliver more than what is expected.

Shawn Slavin, VP of Consulting at CS3 Technology, nominated Melissa and Tiffany. He writes, “O-Tex had been growing at an astounding pace. With an increase in locations and staff size, Melissa and Tiffany recognized that their current systems could no longer support their operations. They needed to transform accounting, billing, and human resources.” Over the next several months, four separate systems were replaced simultaneously. “Payroll and HR were the first systems up and running, preparing checks for more than 500 employees. Three months later accounting and operational management systems were running. These systems processed hundreds of invoices, paid thousands of check, and accommodated 20 users in five states.” O-Tex is currently working on the asset inventory and depreciation system and the time and attendance system is up next.

“As if this wasn’t a monumental task on its own, Melissa and Tiffany were also handling a sales tax audit, helping to bring on new investors, expanding O-Tex’s fleet of vehicles, adding new field locations and launching new ventures,” said Shawn. “These two remarkable ladies work well together to create a vision and bring it to fruition.”

O-Tex Pumping, founded in 2008, provides primary and secondary cementing and specialty pumping services throughout most major shales. Their state-of-the-art operations feature dual-fuel equipment and fleets along with innovative research and development. The staff at O-Tex Pumping is dedicated to putting “customer service” back into the customer experience while making safety and environmental responsibilities top priorities. More information about O-Tex Pumping can be found at www.OTexPumping.com.

CS3 Technology, a professional knowledge firm specializing in the sales, installation, and support of ERP and HRMS solutions, hosts the “18 Service Pillar” program. The program stems from CS3 Technology’s internal commitment to hiring people who exhibit a series of 18 service standards, such as “Be Authentic,” “Communicate,” and “Spend Money As If It Were Your Own.” The program has been rolled out to include the recognition of customers. Each month, a video highlighting one behavior is featured on CS3 Technology’s website. Customers and CS3 Technology employees have the opportunity to nominate customers and the CS3 Technology selects the recipient.

For more details on the Service Pillars program along with current videos and award recipients, please visit www.CS3Technology.com.

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Our 18 Services Pillars clearly define the standards our consultants apply to each step of an engagement. These 18 Service Pillars include valuable guidelines such as: Show Up Ready to Work, Focus on Delivering Value and Look for Improvements. As a long-term business partner, our consultants become an extension of our customer’s organizations, helping them meet their management, production and revenue goals.

“A software solution is only as good as the implementation team. CS3 Technology is led by a tremendously talented team backed up by a fiercely dedicated staff. Our highly experienced strategic thinkers transfer their knowledge to your team guaranteeing a flawless execution of your vision,” said Gary Crouch, President.

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