New Security System Announced

Geometrics Inc. and Sierra Romeo announce the availability of a new IED and weapon monitoring system, the Rogue Detection System for person-borne weapon interdiction.

New Security System Announced
San Jose, CA, August 14, 2013 --( Geometrics and Sierra Romeo are now offering a novel person-borne IED and weapon monitoring and interdiction system aimed primarily for public and facility security. The sensors comprise high performance magnetometers plus additional sensors to limit false positive events (detecting an alarm situation when none exists). Applicable to screening of public sites including transportation, national monuments, polling stations, sporting events, military installations and border crossings, the device enables local law enforcement groups to receive warning of the motion of weapons or explosive devices.

The Rogue Detection System (RDS) relies on field proven high sensitivity magnetic sensing equipment that has been deployed in military situations to interdict person-borne IED’s. The system is deployed in common public containers such as road blocks or flower pots to be unobtrusive and undetectable from those being scanned. IED’s most commonly contain ball bearings, nails, or other iron objects which cannot be shielded from the detection mechanism. Weapons in general contain ferrous material which cannot be shielded. Adjustable threshold settings allow such items as keys or cell phones to pass the detection area without alarm while weapons set alarm conditions. A wireless sensor option is available.

RDS is being sold in both the US and other countries including areas where IED’s have been an issue of public security. No Export License is required. Visit the site for more information and a video describing the operation and setup of the RDS system. Contact for system options and a quotation.
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Ross Johnson
Rogue Detection System Brochure

Rogue Detection System Brochure

RDS is a security system capable of detecting concealed person-borne improvised explosive devices (PBIEDs) and other potential threats (rearms, etc.) on individuals. This system provides PBIED detection capability at both Entry Control Points (ECP) and Trac Control Posts (TCP).