Syncdocs Keeps the NSA Out of Your Google Data

A free new tool keeps the NSA, hackers, business competitors, disgruntled employees and even crazy boyfriends or girlfriends out of your most private data.

Syncdocs Keeps the NSA Out of Your Google Data
San Francisco, CA, September 11, 2013 --( Many of us have emails, documents or photos that we don't want shared with the entire world. These days, everyone is storing and sharing data in the cloud, be it Google Drive or Dropbox. A big worry, however, is that others might get access to private data.

Syncdocs is a new app which automatically secures Google Drive files. Syncdocs securely encrypts files before uploading them to Google Drive, so no unencrypted data ever leaves your computer. This means that no unencrypted data ever leaves the desktop. Files are securely encrypted, and only authorized people have the key.

Files and folders are securely protected in the cloud with military-strength AES256 encryption. This is an important criteria for showing due diligence in protecting corporate or customer data stored in the cloud.

For healthcare professionals, the at-rest encryption provided by Syncdocs is an essential for HIPAA compliance for storing patient records.

With Syncdocs, encrypted files can easily be shared with others who have permission, which can be revoked at any time. Online storage can also be partitioned into secure, private and public sections, with different encryption settings on each. Encryption keys can be safely backed up, too.

"Since Google holds the keys to their encryption solution it does not provide true protection, as they still have full access to your data," says customer Frederick Lowe, CIO of Oxito Health Solutions. "With Syncdocs we own the keys. Our files are encrypted before they are sent to Google Drive by Syncdocs."

Syncdocs also offers many other enhancements to Google Drive, chiefly:

* Multiple accounts can be used concurrently. This is especially useful for users with separate home and work Google accounts, or consultants separating various clients' data silos.
* Folders are synced from anywhere on a PC or network, not just the single folder dictated by Google
* Syncdocs can easily be deployed in the enterprise with fully automated, scripted installations
* All Google data is backed up, even Google documents and spreadsheets.

Those wanting more online security, or simply wishing to improve Google Drive, can grab a free copy of Syncdocs from
Donald Recsei