Why This Major Publisher Does Not Sell to Bookstores

This publisher offers its nonfiction books of self-help, social issues, inspirational and other titles only to Corporations, Nonprofits and Organizations for distribution to their employees and associates to fit their own marketing needs and strategy. Tell them the book title you need and they will even write the book for you.

Albuquerque, NM, September 21, 2007 --(PR.com)-- American Trend Publishing of Albuquerque, New Mexico may be the most unique and different publisher in the nation. They do not sell to bookstores. American Trend has a mission goal of publishing books that uplift the lives of all Americans with an important message that can affect millions of people. Book titles are self-help, inspirational, social issues and other titles that can greatly inform or uplift the lives of the masses. All book titles are offered to Corporations, Organizations, Foundations and Nonprofits to benefit their own marketing program and they prefer that some of the book proceeds go to charity. Why is this publisher unique? Their in-house author Sammy Sorrell has written over 500 publications and he will write the book that fits the needs of the Organization, Corporation or Nonprofit group. If you cannot find a title as you browse through the Sorrell website www.atps.com/ebooksbysorrell.htm he will write the book that fits your own marketing needs and strategy.

Recently published and ready to be distributed is a 425-page soft cover book titled; “Homegrown Terrorism, The Undeclared War Against Crime In America.” This book authored by Sammy Sorrell should be in the hands of every concerned and right-thinking American (www.atps.com/homegrownterrorism.htm). Why? In order to discover facts and truths about crime that are totally hidden from view of the American public. Why? Because crime is the greatest threat America faces and can destroy the nation from within. The author suggests without drastic legal justice reform the nation is headed for vigilante justice and ultimate anarchy. Contact American Trend marketing department for details about how their program can greatly benefit Corporations, Nonprofits and other Organizations. Telephone 505-797-2856 or email americantrend@atps.com or business@atps.com today.

American Trend Publishing is an affiliate of United Citizens for Legal Reform.

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