New Horror Brand Launches — Where Classic Rock Meets Zombies

David Bowie is a rock icon. But what if his 1970s image was totally zombified? What would that emasculated vision look like? Visionary Cinema has the answer. Classic Rock Zombies is the indispensible new horror brand launching January 13, 2014. The innovative approach to two pop cultural mainstays merges legendary rock heroes with the wildly successful wave of zombie projects in contemporary film and television.

New Horror Brand Launches — Where Classic Rock Meets Zombies
Los Angeles, CA, January 13, 2014 --( Visionary Cinema's public relations department is proud to present the new horror/music hybrid brand, Classic Rock Zombies. The first step is a line of T-shirts to die for, but that is only the beginning. This brand will be available for all manners of merchandise, from bumper stickers to coffee mugs and everything in between. Rock ‘n’ roll heroes of all walks will be affectionately parodied in items that will scream, “They’re coming to get you!” and make all nights those of the living dead.

With the Classic Rock Zombies uprising hitting the internet on January 13, ZomBowie is the first in a full series within the nascent brand to be released, with many more to shortly follow, and new items available at regular intervals. As a special January 13 launch treat, a limited-edition 18" color pillow will be specially available through for 24 hours.

All inquiries about the brand can be dutifully answered by brand founder and longtime rock and horror expert Raymond Dowaliby, proprietor of Classic Rock Zombies. For more information, all interested parties should check out the official website:
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Classic Rock Zombies Press Release

Classic Rock Zombies Press Release

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