Forget About Likes and Follows. Handshakes Are the New Way to Promote Your Business Online According to Swiss Website

Swiss-based Social Network has been designed exclusively for businesses. Members sign up with a business name, create a business profile and start interacting with other businesses on the platform by sending Handshakes (not friend requests) or via Broadcasts, Photos, Videos, Groups and much more.

Geneva, Switzerland, March 05, 2014 --( A new website called invites members to create company profiles and interact with other member companies using their business name rather than personal name.

According to Plaudunt, the reason behind this is to eliminate the pictures of cats and the numerous requests to send in your CV that are of no consequence to a business owner who is on other social networks. Any activity undertaken on from posting a photo or video to joining a group is free online marketing and advertising for a company.

The word Plaudunt is taken from the third person plural active indicative of the Latin verb Plaudō and literally means “They strike hands to complete a bargain.”

“I have many friends who own businesses and was forever being told to like a page or follow xyz but there was no way to recommend a page to another page or for two pages to enter into dialogue on other social networks, they always had to step out and communicate as individuals," says Adaeze Ekwueme, the founder of

On Plaudunt it is reversed, members sign up with a business name and all communication on the site is as a business. On the profile, the human touch can be added by putting up a contact person and team members and the profile also includes photos -including a profile photo which is usually a company's logo, videos and products and services which is another means to promote a company’s agenda.

There are many ways to form interactions and intrigue other members on Plaudunt who can come across a business' name on a group or maybe when they put out a broadcast which is a publishing platform for members to post stories about their company and these broadcasts can be accessed by every other member.

From hearing about a company on the site, other members can look at the company's profile and if they like the look of the company, they send a Handshake. The company in turn can choose to return the Handshake and this is how companies become contacts after exchanging Handshakes.

This is one of the many ways the site works, like a matchmaking site, another is Member Suggest whereby Plaudunt matches a company's profile to other members based on certain shared criteria – location, industry, number of employees. Companies can also recommend other companies to their contacts on

With search and advanced search features on Plaudunt, members can search for companies – by contact person, company name, number of employees, industry, geographic location and also through multiple combinations. Search features can be used to find mentors, partners, suppliers, clients or even to find suitable members with which to create a Mastermind Group. is for all types of businesses irrespective of size and geographic location including government agencies, non-governmental organizations, publicly traded companies and private companies.

The site is free and has not been monetized however future plans could include a premium membership or invitation only component however the site will always have a free membership option.

To join, please visit For more information, please email
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Forget about Likes...word version

Forget about Likes...word version

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