NAPW’s VIP Woman of the Year Was a Possible Candidate for President of the United States in 2012

Rayna M. Gangi, the National Association of Professional Women’s newest Woman of the Year, once tested the waters to become the first woman to head the most powerful office on earth.

Fairhope, AL, March 11, 2014 --( Rayna M. Gangi, the National Association of Professional Women’s newest Woman of the Year, once tested the waters to become the first woman to head the most powerful office on earth. With a challenging name, the background of a Margaret Thatcher, the charm of Ronald Reagan, and even a military background as a veteran of the Marine Corps, Ms. Gangi was prepared to bring a lifetime of experience in multiple industries and a legacy of both community service and educated wisdom to the people for a vote.

Born and raised in small town in western New York, Ms. Gangi joined the Marines after high school to “write about Viet Nam from a Native American and global perspective.” Her recruiter promised she would be placed in a specialty to allow that goal, but she passed the electronics test and was placed, instead, in electronics school in San Diego, California.

She was enthralled with history and the study of human behavior. Trained by Native American grandmothers of the Iroquois nation, she was equally passionate about the study of the mind, body, and spirit in earth medicine and holistic health, but also about the causes of war, poverty, cultural division, and the radical differences between a free market society and a socialist state.

She believed as Thatcher did that “if one is capable of doing, then one should be doing,” and should take pride in working to better not only their own place in the world, but also for humanity. Because she comes from a working class but upwardly mobile family, she understands what it means to struggle to make a living and the dignity that comes from a hard day’s work.

Opposed to the new concept of unions, she often stated that “unions were formed to protect the worker, but have been infiltrated,” much like big labor in Great Britain in the 30’s, and exist now "only for the union bosses and the special interests they serve."

Her initial platform included lowering domestic corporate taxes to encourage business to return to America, eliminating the progressive income tax, auditing and ending the Federal Reserve, eliminating the United Nations from American soil and involvement, term limits on Congress with virtual positions instead of constant D.C. maneuvering, secure borders, and the return to the intended rights of states to govern without federal interruption, growth or excessive spending.

Her platform was popular with many. Sight unseen, people expressed their confidence and promised their votes. Why did we not see her on the primary stage?

“Money,” she says. “Our election process has become a lottery rigged by those who believe only the elite know what’s best for the people and an ideology formed by Marxist/Leninist disciples who can’t quote the Constitution, but can paraphrase handbooks on community organizing strategies and radical left power schemes. Money should not determine who is placed on a ballot, but corrupt media, empty monetary promises, bribes and untruth carry the weight.”

Her motto for most of her life, one she has lived and still proclaims, is that love is her religion, the earth is her church, and truth is her road. Her supporters coined the campaign slogan “Back to Truth,” and she was ready for what she called “the war to bring back the Republic.”

She had to opt out of the process when funds were not available to launch a true campaign, but she has spent her days and nights since 2007 educating as many people as she can through books, social media, emails, speeches and classes that America was just an idea, “but a grand idea that should not and will not be destroyed by outdated or radical beliefs that we are not exceptional, because we are. We are a beacon of freedom, a destiny for those who seek the freedom to become all God planned for them to be. We’re a young nation and we’ve made mistakes, but we should never make the mistake of thinking a nation governed by the people, for the people, under God, is not the greatest nation on earth.”

She was named VIP Woman of the Year for the National Association of Professional Women, the largest network of professional women in the country, and plans on using that honor along with her other affiliations and positions, to further educate those she believes are blind or deaf to the ongoing destruction of America.

“Without our Constitution and the wonders of America, these women would not have their positions or be pursuing their dreams,” she says. "I want them to know and never forget what it means to be not just an American woman, but an American who salutes the flag, cradles our history, and has the blood of warrior to never let it die."
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