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TransGuardian Deploys USPS and Wells Fargo Insurance Advantages to Make High-Value Shipping More Competitive

TransGuardian Deploys USPS and Wells Fargo Insurance Advantages to Make High-Value Shipping More Competitive
Washington, DC, April 08, 2014 --( Exhibiting at the 2014 National Postal Forum (NPF) near Washington DC, TransGuardian, through its logistics software, is offering shippers of high-value parcels and industry channel partners the immense advantages of coverage via a Wells Fargo Insurance brokered policy, underwritten at Lloyds, and the newest developments in US Postal technology.

“Wells Fargo Insurance is pleased to work with TransGuardian to offer higher limits, more comprehensive terms, and better pricing to shippers of gems, jewelry, watches and other high-value cargoes,” said Michael Fitzpatrick, vice president and senior sales executive with Wells Fargo Insurance. “This enhances the supply chain dramatically in whole vertical markets. In a challenging economy, we think we’re about to make history in the field of high-value mail shipments once again.”

“Using advances in USPS technology, we’ve automated and streamlined Registered Mail for our users,” said TransGuardian CEO Jim Moseley. “But it goes far beyond that. We offer postal discounts on Priority Mail and overnight Priority Mail Express, and now the USPS has a 10:30 AM delivery option that makes this service the most competitive national overnight service available. And the USPS has greatly upgraded the digital management of services like Online Tracking, Real-Time Proof of Delivery, Free or Scheduled Pickup from Clients, Hold for Pickup over 30,000 US Post Offices, Delivery Re-direct, improved COD, Same Day Delivery, Sunday Delivery and more. The USPS has become more reliable, thus more insurable, and thus more customer satisfying.”

According to Moseley, top USPS officers, like Patrick R. Donohoe, the Postmaster General, Nagisa Manabe, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of the USPS, James Cochrane, USPS CIO, and Gary Reblin, Vice President of New Products and Innovation all echoed the same theme at this year’s NPF: “We know we have competition. We know we need to earn your business. We’re investing multiple millions in making the USPS the best option to produce ROI for shippers.”

TransGuardian develops transportation management software that insures and protects small parcels in transit. With its software, the company automates the registered mail process by printing a single Intelligent Mail Postal Barcode (IMpB) label online. The IMpB enhances online, real-time tracking and accelerates the registered mail service. Through its policy, brokered by Wells Fargo Insurance, TransGuardian provides insurance for the first $25,000 and up to $150,000 of registered mail per parcel. Together, this ensures a secure, cost effective, 2-3-day shipping option for high value parcels including diamonds, jewelry, watches and precious metals.

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TransGuardian develops proprietary insured logistics software that delivers insurance brokered by Wells Fargo Insurance (which writes or places $15 billion of risk premiums annually) and underwritten at Lloyds of London. Its solutions save shippers of high-value parcels 30-50% over any other method and streamline labor. The company’s multi-carrier software has special risk mitigation modules that have made shipping small parcels statistically safer than transportation via armored car. TransGuardian’s software is available as SaaS, on a local or server hard drive, or via API.
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