Technische Creations' Alignment Trading Technology by AF Services

Alignment Trading is an evolution bought about by technological improvements made available to the public in financial software algorithms originally developed for large investment banks and trading houses.

Technische Creations' Alignment Trading Technology by AF Services
Adelaide, Australia, March 25, 2014 --( With the emergence of technology comes innovation. It is no surprise to find people commonly stressed about their personal financial freedom or other insecurities relating to their finances. If you seek to increase your income whilst remaining in the comfort of your home and earn a few extra bucks, then, you may find solace right here.

Delve into Alignment Trading. Until a few years back, it was very difficult to find any Alignment Trading software or companies. For that matter it was nearly impossible to find any information related to it. This was indeed frustrating since early adopters such as large banks and financial institutions were able to make good profits but ‘individual investors’, unable to afford the expensive software banks deployed, were effectively locked and did not know how to go about it.

Eventually, the technology was improved and shifted to allow some smaller software development firms to provide end-user solutions. The first true innovator in the field was a boutique finance software firm from Zurich, Switzerland called Technische Creations.

Technische Creations used clever programming to allow their clients located in Europe to access advanced software API’s to aid their trading and at a very attractive price-point. Unfortunately, there was no solution for the Australian and New Zealand Market.

Until now that is.

AF Services is proud to announce a very exciting strategic alliance with Technische Creations to bring you the latest version of Align Trading Platform for Australia and New Zealand.

End your search for alignment trading solutions and turn your attention here.

Many private investors investigate a range of investment vehicles to consider such as investments in stocks, property, shares and even option trading.

Unfortunately for many, none of them seem to address the factor of investment risk until Alignment Trading. The AF Services calibrated software, initially designed in Europe for the banking sector generates guaranteed profit, no matter what the future outcome may be. It is a legitimate, easy and guaranteed way of profit making.

Under the skin of the API, an advanced calculation routine is conducted, identifying any profit opportunity that may arise when the prices set by bookmakers differ by a margin.

This margin will be enough to allow the correct alignment of each investment in all possible options; resulting in a monetary gain irrespective of the outcome. Bookmakers know about Alignment Trading – and they have no conflict of interest; since it does not affect the books or odds.

Based on the fact that it requires a discrepancy between the bookmakers, the amounts of trades available are externally controlled. If you combine this with the fact that it guarantees profit (that too tax-free), it is no surprise that banks and investing institutions wouldn't spill the beans before now.

Thanks to AF Services, times have changed. With Alignment Trading, the cat is set to come out of the bag and this is how it is going to be.
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