Skeleton Technologies Appoints Battery Industry Veteran James P. McDougall as a Non-Executive Director

Skeleton Technologies Appoints Battery Industry Veteran James P. McDougall as a Non-Executive Director
Bautzen, Germany, April 30, 2014 --( Skeleton Technologies Group, the leading European developer and manufacturer of ultracapacitors, with a manufacturing unit in Bautzen, Germany and the R&D and pilot unit in Tartu, Estonia, has appointed Mr. James P. McDougall to serve as non-executive director with a focus on global business development.

Skeleton Technologies’ CEO Mr. Taavi Madiberk: "We are excited to have James on board to support our rapid growth, as a battery industry veteran he brings a wealth of experience to support our global business development. In the near term we are working with James on strategic partnerships to secure our position as the leading ultracapacitor manufacturer in Europe."

Mr. James P. McDougall added that "Ultracapacitors, with their rapid market growth, present a multi-billion opportunity by the end of the decade. Skeleton Technologies having a cutting-edge proprietary technology and high-profile customers, ranging from European Space Agency to leading players in the transportation industry, is well positioned for becoming a leading player in the market place."

Skeleton Technologies provides premium high-quality ultracapacitor cells and modules from the SkelCap products series for a variety of customers ranging from the transportation industry to defense and space sectors.

Ultracapacitors are used to recapture and deliver vast amounts of energy in a short time-frame, deliver over a million charge/discharge-cycles and can react in milliseconds as opposed to batteries which are slow to react and deliver only a few thousand charge/discharge-cycles.

James P. McDougall is a battery industry veteran and entrepreneur with experience in commercializing new technologies. During the last 20 years he has held senior management positions in North America, Asia and Europe in the battery and printed electronics industries. His career focus has been developing and executing growth strategies for companies and their disruptive technologies in the global consumer electronics and enterprise & financial security network markets.

About Skeleton Technologies

Skeleton Technologies Group, the leading European developer and manufacturer of ultracapacitors founded in 2009 with manufacturing unit in Bautzen, Germany (Skeleton Technologies GmbH) and R&D and pilot unit in Tartu, Estonia (Skeleton Technologies OÜ). Skeleton Technologies’ high performance SkelCap ultracapacitors substantially exceed nearest competitors in energy and power and are available in the 250F to 3500F range. SkelCap is a high-quality premium choice, servicing among others the European Space Agency. More information can be found at

About Mr. James McDougall

Mr. McDougall began his career at International Components Corporation (ICC), a world leader in battery charger technology. At ICC, he held a variety of executive positions including Managing Director of the Power Supply Division where he was responsible for worldwide sales, marketing and operations.

At Valence Technology, as Director of Marketing and Licensing, he was responsible for corporate marketing and licensing of its proprietary lithium polymer battery and material technology where he successfully marketed Li-polymer battery solutions to OEMs and licensed related technology to top tier battery manufacturers.

Later, he was a consultant to Dow Chemical Corp. for the spin out and formation of Aveso Displays, a pioneer in printed electronic displays. Subsequently, he led the business development efforts of Aveso Displays as VP of Global Sales.

At Solicore, a producer of thin, flexible, lithium polymer batteries featuring a proprietary solid polymer electrolyte, he established the Flexion® battery line and strategic positioning in the powered card market. In his last assignment, as EVP of Sales and Business Development, he led the company’s transition to commercialization by securing several global distribution and purchase contracts.

At ReVolt, Mr. McDougall acted as CEO and worked at commercializing a breakthrough zinc-air battery.

Mr. McDougall is currently acting as a CEO for Younicos AG also a leading German energy storage company.

Mr. McDougall graduated with honours and high distinction from Thunderbird, The School of Global Management with an MBA in International Management and holds a B.S. Degree in International Business from Ferris State University.
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