WINAICO Leads the World on Reliability by Securing Intensified Hail Stone Test as Per IEC 61215, the Most Stringent Hail Impact Test Offered by TÜV Rheinland

WINAICO is one of the first PV Manufacturers in the world to secure IEC 61215 with its modules withstanding the impact of 35 mm hail stones travelling at over 27.2 m/s as tested by TÜV Rheinland, offering its customers greater system reliability in extreme weather conditions.

Southampton, PA, September 15, 2014 --( WINAICO, a division of Taiwan's top module manufacturer, Win Win Precision Techonology Co., Ltd., has announced that their modules have passed the most stringent hail impact test conducted by TÜV Rheinland. WINAICO is one of the first PV module manufacturers in the world to pass the new hail impact test, with TÜV certifying WINAICO PV modules’ ability to function reliably in even the most extreme weather conditions in the world.

In the new IEC 61215 compliant hail test, WINAICO WST-series modules withstood the impacts of 35 mm hail stones traveling at a speed of 27.2 m/s (60.9 mph). In comparison to the conventional tests involving 25 mm stones traveling at 23 m/s (51.4 mph), the newer test involves projectiles with approximately four times the kinetic energy.

“The capability to withstand severe hail strikes is particularly important for mountainous and heavy snow regions, and is especially valuable in North America, Australia and the Alpine regions such as Switzerland and Austria,” said Sascha Rossmann, Vice President of Global Sales at WINAICO. “As consumers begin to value the quality and reliability of PV modules, it becomes more important to pass the toughest tests in the industry to differentiate WINAICO modules from the rest. It is only through the best workmanship can we provide customers with a reliable solar solution, and protect our customers' long term investments.”

WINAICO – Manufacturer and system supplier
As a global PV brand within the semiconductor company Win Win Precision Technology Co., Ltd., based in Taiwan, WINAICO manufactures and distributes crystalline high performance modules worldwide. Furthermore, as a systems house for photovoltaics, WINAICO delivers complete PV system packages.

Target customers include solar specialists, solar technologists, installation specialists and project developers. Installation specialists profit here from the superior product quality of products manufactured in Taiwan in accordance with the highest quality standards, as well as from the comprehensive consultation, planning and maintenance services from WINAICO. Generous stock levels ensure the rapid availability of WINAICO products.
Maria Verros