Multimedia Tutorial Services, Inc. Expands Digital Marketing with SmartFinds Internet Marketing for Greater Web Exposure

Multimedia Tutorial Services, Inc. and their “Math Made Easy” and “The Tutorial Channel” online programs are the answer to the nation's unmet and growing need for effective, reasonably priced alternatives to high-cost tutoring centers. In an age where classrooms are systematically overcrowded, and parents often have less time and resources to effectively assist their children -- SmartFinds Internet Marketing is bringing Math Made Easy and The Tutorial Channel ) the outreach programs needed.

Brooklyn, NY, October 31, 2007 --( SmartFinds Internet Marketing provides corporations with complete digital marketing solutions. CEO Melih Oztalay has thirteen years experience with Internet and digital services in developing strategies that utilize all facets of the World Wide Web.

“There is more to the digital marketplace beyond a website, search engine and advertising,” said Oztalay. “Businesses need to embrace the web head-on. Multimedia Tutorial Services has made this commitment and we are excited to be part of their outreach program to parents nationwide.”

"We are pleased to be working with such a well regarded digital marketing firm like SmartFinds, who services large national corporations," said Barry Reichman, Chief Executive Officer and President of Multimedia Tutorial Services, Inc. "SmartFinds will help us with a strategy that goes well beyond our website, search engine and basic advertising to engage us into multi-directional marketing campaign to include social media marketing. We are confident that their expertise will help build awareness of our unique website, as we feel strongly about the need to provide individualized attention to students, as well as flexibility of personalized online tutorial schedules.”

“All of our tutors are highly educated, experienced and passionate about the education of children, and they are all hired for their excellent communication skills. Because students can receive tutoring as they need it, in the comfort and convenience of their home, we believe that the offers a big advantage over traditional, more expensive, scheduled tutoring or learning centers where students may not get the help they need, when they need it most."

Multimedia Tutorial Services offers tutorials for sale, as well as subscriptions for a free 30-day trial period so subscribers can learn the benefits of the website first hand. The online services include unlimited practice tests, online live tutorial sessions and video stream Math Made Easy(TM) review courses. Subscription memberships for the Tutorial Channel range from prices starting as low as $9.95 to $49.95 per month.

"We believe that the can improve a student's confidence by giving them the opportunity to ask questions they might not have the courage to ask in a face-to-face session," continued Mr. Reichman. "This truly creative approach to traditional tutoring can lead to a more relaxed and productive learning environment that is both more convenient, and affordable, than expensive tutors and away-from-home learning centers."

In order to promote these services digitally, SmartFinds begins with extensive research to determine how the Internet community uses the Internet relative to topics about math. Once the research is completed, SmartFinds commences with modifications to the website, and then engages in a variety of content based marketing programs in the multi-dimensional environment of the World Wide Web.

“Our focus is to have a multi-directional marketing campaign that will drive traffic to the and websites from more than just search engines”, said Oztalay. “Our digital marketing campaign will provide both websites staying power on the web.”

About SmartFinds Internet Marketing
SmartFinds is a digital marketing agency providing mid- to large-sized corporations with digital creative, digital marketing, and digital advertising solutions. The most critical element of SmartFinds Internet Marketing service is the creativity and imagination to apply the technological aspects of the digital marketplace to the marketing objectives of a particular business. Initial research provides SmartFinds the ability to develop a digital strategy that can be measured every step of the way. Some of SmartFinds clients include BASF Chemicals, Guardian Industries, McCann Erickson, and Vietnam Veterans of America. You can learn more about SmartFinds at

SmartFinds Contact: Esther Lastacy,, (866) 501-5758.

About Multimedia Tutorial Services, Inc.

Multimedia Tutorial Services, Inc. has key strengths in educational product marketing and development. To date, the company's premier tutorial program, Math Made Easy(TM) has been purchased by over 300,000 families, representing in excess of $30 million in sales since inception. In addition, several thousand schools and colleges throughout the country have acquired the Math Made Easy(TM) series for their libraries and classrooms. Math Made Easy(TM) is widely recognized as one of the nation’s foremost home tutorial programs. Since 1995 Multimedia Tutorial Services, Inc. has invested more than $10 million in national advertising to create significant brand equity in the Math Made Easy(TM) name. The tutorial series has been featured on CNN, Bloomberg, ABC News Radio and other major networks. The company's sales are made primarily through online direct advertising, backed-up by its own call center and customer service operation. Information about the company's products and services can be found at and

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