Destenaire Discusses the Transition® with Terrafugia VP of Business Development

Destenaire writer Bree Steinbronn discusses the Transition® with Richard Gersh.

Destenaire Discusses the Transition® with Terrafugia VP of Business Development
Woburn, MA, November 07, 2014 --( Destenaire—a premier online travel publication—recently published an interview with Terrafugia VP of Business Development Richard Gersh. Destenaire writer Bree Steinbronn and Gersh discussed how this innovative company came to be founded, as well as the design process behind the revolutionary Transition®.

“Terrafugia CEO/Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder Carl Dietrich (who holds a PhD in Aeronautical Engineering) had been toying with the idea of building some variation of a flying car for years and years,” Gersh says. “And [in 2006] when a new category of airplane was announced, Carl (along with several other MIT graduate students) felt that this new category would be what would help bring a product like this to market […] and soon after the company was founded.”

Since 2007, Terrafugia has been developing various aircraft concepts that challenge existing flight technology. The primary focus has been on turning the concept of the Transition® into a reality.

“The design process behind the Transition® was and still is quite iterative,” Gersh told Destenaire. “We design it, we build it, we test it and then we change it.”

Currently, the D2 (which is short for “Developmental Two”) of the Transition® is being tested. However, consumers are now able to reserve a place in production with a refundable deposit of $10,000. The first estimated customer delivery will be in 2016.

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Based in Woburn, MA, Terrafugia aims to make “general aviation safer, more convenient, more fun, and more accessible.”

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