Pardus' eQMS::DNA to be Used by Macedonian (FYR) Police CSI Team

Macedonian (FYRM) Police to use Pardus' eQMS::DNA in DNA forensic lab to store crime scene DNA profiles.

Zagreb, Croatia, November 05, 2007 --( Macedonian (Former Yougoslav Republic of Macedonia - FYRM) police CSI team is using Pardus' eQMS::DNA fingerprinting software in daily activities to identify potential offenders and to find missing persons. Macedonian Police CSI team recently received new forensic laboratory equipment through Euorepan EAR program and Pardus' eQMS::DNA software was choosen as best solution for the DNA typing. eQMS::DNA is key ingredient of new CSI laboratory helping authorities not only to greatly improve CSI team agility but to resolve old unsolved cases also.

eQMS::DNA maintains database of DNA profiles of convicted offenders, unsolved crime scene evidence but of missing persons also. eQMS::DNA enables law enforcement authorities to quickly and reliably compare DNA profiles collected on a crime scene with one stored in eQMS::DNA database and identify potential offenders.

eQMS::DNA is DNA profiling software that stores DNA profiles and is used for searching and matching against various DNA data. eQMS::DNA maintains data on individual donors with optional personal and demographic data, multiple samples containing genetic material taken from the donor, and genotypes obtained from the samples, possibly using multiple techniques and identification kits. eQMS::DNA is essential tools for CSI teams helping them identify perpetrators based on DNA traces left on the scene.

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