The Terra Cotta Inn Clothing Optional Resort, Palm Springs, CA is Selected as One of the Top Places in the World to Go Nude Sunbathing

American nudist resorts have come a long way since the nudist colony days of old. At one time, Americans had to travel to Europe or the Caribbean to stay at nice, luxurious nudist resorts. This is no longer true. One of the best nude hotels in the world is located in the US in sunny Palm Springs, CA.

The Terra Cotta Inn Clothing Optional Resort, Palm Springs, CA is Selected as One of the Top Places in the World to Go Nude Sunbathing
Palm Springs, CA, November 08, 2007 --( This October, CanWest news service, the leading media company of Canada owning 23 newspapers, radio stations, and TV stations published an article titled "Top Places in the world to 'let it all hang out.' From nude beaches to nude cruises and nude towns, we're on the threshold of the New Nude Tourism."

The article selected 7 clothing optional and nudist resorts in the world as the top places to go nude sunbathing.

They recommended nudist campgrounds and ranches for families. A nudist resort in Florida with "modest hotel rooms." A nudist city in France and 3 upscale clothing optional resorts. One was in Florida, one in Mexico, and they also recommended the popular Terra Cotta Inn Clothing Optional Resort and Spa located in sunny Palm Springs, CA. They said, "Terra Cotta Resort is an upscale nudist retreat in Palm Springs, Calif."

This December, The Terra Cotta Inn is celebrating their 13th year of spoiling and pampering their guests so that they have their best vacations ever.

What sets Terra Cotta apart from other resorts and hotels is their great customer service and friendliness. Guests say visiting the Terra Cotta Inn is like staying with friends and family.

Terra Cotta has always been the favorite choice for first time nude and topless sunbathers since they opened. Guests from around the world go there for their vacations, although most guests come from all over the US, Canada, England, and Australia.

First time nude and topless sunbathers love the Terra Cotta Inn experience so much, they become repeat guests. They average just over a 75% repeat guest rate which is one of the highest in the travel industry. Their customers are some of the most loyal guests around.

One of the main reasons the Terra Cotta Inn is so popular is they operate just like a regular, normal nice boutique resort. The only difference is Terra Cotta guests don't have to worry about funny looking tan lines.

Terra Cotta is an affordably luxurious, nude resort. Unlike clothing optional resorts in the Caribbean or Mexico where they charge from $4000 on up for a weeks vacation, Terra Cotta's guests have their most fun vacations ever starting at just $959/couple/week. This also includes a delicious complementary breakfast and afternoon snacks, free wifi, free parking, and much, much more. There are also midweek specials for those guests wanting a quick getaway for just a few days.

The Terra Cotta Inn has been called the most mainstream nudists resort in America and perfect for couples trying nude sunbathing for the first time by the media. You don't have to be a "card carrying" nudist to vacation there. The guests come from a variety of backgrounds like doctors, nurses,
entrepreneurs, business people, teachers, police and firefighters, etc. Also just like at a regular hotel, the guests are of all ages and body shapes and sizes.

Everyone loves staying at Terra Cotta and fit right in. First timers and experienced nudists and nude beach vacationers have fun relaxing together.

So, if you want a new vacation experience at one of the top places in the world to go nude sunbathing, if you want something fun and romantic where you can create your own happy vacation memories to last a lifetime (or more likely until your next Terra Cotta vacation), give them a call at 800-786-6938 toll free US and Canada.

You will love vacationing in sunny Palm Springs.

The Terra Cotta Inn Clothing Optional Resort and Spa
Tom Mulhall