Online Retailers Struggle to Keep Pace with Organic Bone Broth’s Sudden Star Status

Bone broth is selling out almost as fast as smaller online retailers can produce it. Wise Choice Market, a Canadian company that produces and sells bone broth for American consumers, has doubled bone broth sales this winter. The purported health benefits and flavor of bone broth appear to be driving this beverage’s rise in popularity among Paleo dieters and the general public.

Online Retailers Struggle to Keep Pace with Organic Bone Broth’s Sudden Star Status
Sherbrooke, Canada, January 13, 2015 --( Wise Choice Market, the online Paleo and fermented foods grocer that caters to American audiences, currently has in stock a warm, satisfying, healthful solution that consumers, especially those following specialty diets such as the Paleo diet are clamoring for. Organic bone broth is gaining so much traction amongst devotees, (Jan 14, 2014) reported that bone broth is one of the three pillars in the diets of athletes who play basketball for the L.A. Lakers.

What makes Wise Choice Market's bone broth vastly different than commercially-prepared broth and bullion is the method that the nutrients and minerals are organically extracted from the bones. Wise Choice Market's bone broths start with bones from cartilage-rich joints and knuckles. This home-style preparation is rising in popularity, as (November 5, 2014) reported, the recent opening of a café serving bone broth instead of coffee in New York City attests to.

Wise Choice Market’s chicken and beef bones are simmered in a water preparation that includes fresh vegetables and seasonings for up to 48 hours, releasing the full flavor and mineral profile of the bones’ marrow. This process ensures that high concentrations of nutrients are absorbed by the body, while also offering the highest concentration of flavor for the consumer.

Simon Gorman, CEO of Wise Choice Market says, “The long simmering required to make real bone broth is a worthwhile investment. Broths are packed with gelatin, collagen, and minerals in their most easily-assimilated form, and provide a wonderful depth of flavor to many dishes. Most commercially-available 'broths' are mass produced from concentrate, and lack the flavor and nutrition of the real thing. Our broths are simmered long and slow in small batches, using only the finest organic pastured chicken and beef bones.”

Additional nutritional advantages that come from consuming organic bone broth include the consumption of natural gelatin. Natural gelatin is a source of collagen, which gives the skin and hair a youthful, supple glow. Enjoying a rich broth, proponents of bone broth claim that a warm cup of this beverage is a beauty secret, allowing consumers to gain the benefits of collagen in an efficient, affordable manner.

Gelatin also draws water into the digestive track for improved digestion and elimination. In addition, gelatin derived from animal bones and marrow is commonly lauded for helping to ease “leaky gut syndrome” by filling in the holes in the intestinal track. Because of its rich mineral profile, it immediately starts working in the digestive system to provide energy and immune-boosting properties to the body. Mark Sisson, author of The Primal Blueprint, refers to bone broth as a “super-food.”

The rise in bone broth’s popularity is beneficial to online retailers, as well as consumers. In response to recent reports on bone broth cafes and health benefits in the New York Times, Well and Good, and on numerous other platforms, Wise Choice Market’s sales of bone broth doubled this winter. “We’re in danger of running out constantly, and struggling to keep up with the demand,” says Simon Gorman, owner of Wise Choice Market. Gorman isn't surprised by the enthusiasm that bone broth is currently generating, however. “Real bone broths are making a comeback as their benefits are being rediscovered. For sheer nutrient density and versatility, bone broths are hard to beat, and deserve to have pride of place in every kitchen.”
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