Phase 1-Outdoor Park & Fitness Trail Completion Celebration at Wellness Center

Announcing a celebration event for the completion of Phase 1 of an Outdoor Park and Fitness Trail at the Wellness Center located at the Historic LAC+USC Hospital Campus. This effort converted a bleak concrete area surrounding the hospital into a beautiful setting for enjoying nature and encouraging exercise.

Phase 1-Outdoor Park & Fitness Trail Completion Celebration at Wellness Center
Los Angeles, CA, January 24, 2015 --( Outdoor Park and Fitness Trail Celebration at the Wellness Center

Over 100 children and adults plan to attend the celebration of the Phase 1 completion of Outdoor Park and Fitness trail at the Historic General Hospital’s Wellness Center located at LAC+USC Hospital complex.

Phase 1 of the project converted approximately 2 acres of exterior space at the historic Los Angeles County University of Southern California Medical Center into an innovative outdoor Wellness Park and Fitness Trail with support and funding from and Los Angeles County Open Space District, First 5 Los Angeles, and California State Parks.

This park conversion work was a collaborative effort by Amigos de los Rios and many other community members, including: Los Angeles County and the LAC+USC Wellness Center Foundation partners.

The event will introduce local families to the new park and provide an opportunity for the adults and children to enjoy the Historic General Hospital Wellness Center while enjoying nature in fun and physically interactive way.

Speakers Include:
Claire Robinson, Amigos de los Rios,Marisa Cordova, The Wellness Center,Lee Werbel, First 5 LA,Teresa Villegas, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors - First District, and Jane Beesley, Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation


Saturday, January 24, 2015, from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.


1200 N. State Street, Los Angeles, CA 90033


Beautifully set at the Historic General Hospital Wellness Center, adults and children learning about and interacting with the new Park and Fitness Trail – exercise equipment, play equipment, walking areas and other amenities.

The event is sponsored by Amigos de los Rios and project funders State of California – Natural Resources Agency – Department of Parks and Recreation - Los Angeles Regional Open Spaces District - Los Angeles County First District and First 5 LA.

About Amigos de los Rios
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Funders: - Los Angeles County - Regional Parks and Open Space District - County of Los Angeles 1st District, First 5 LA, California State Park - Department of Parks and Recreation
Amigos de los Rios
Sherri Robbins
Claire Robinson - Managing Director