Simpson Galleries Announces the Sale of the Mary Ann Moorman Photograph Taken the Moment That John F. Kennedy Was Assassinated

Approximately 1/6th of second after President Kennedy's head was shattered at frame Z-313, Mary Ann Moorman captured a Polaroid photograph (her fifth that day) of the presidential limousine and President Kennedy that also includes the grassy knoll area. What was captured in the background of the photo has been a matter of contentious debate. On the grassy knoll some claim to have identified as many as four different figures, while others dismiss these indistinct images as trees or shadows.

Houston, TX, November 19, 2007 --( Simpson Galleries has been offered a unique opportunity by Mrs. Moorman / (Krahmer) to place this piece of evidence in the public market. The letter has been on lone with the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas Texas. Together with this photograph will come a release form from the Sixth Floor Museum returning the Polaroid photograph back to Mary Ann Moorman.

Mary Ann Moorman (Krahmer) has decided to offer the photograph to a live and public auction to make it available for anyone to own a piece of National History. This photograph has been revered as one of the most important pieces of evidence collected in the assassination of President Kennedy.

Some researchers have claimed that another Moorman photograph shows a man on the other side of the wooden picket fence firing a rifle. Research carried out by John P. Costella and David W. Mantik for the Discovery Channel in November, 2003, on Moorman’s photograph, indicates that the “Zapruder film... which many take to be the closest thing to “absolute truth” in the assassination - has been subject to alteration”.

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