Lead Intelligently Provides Coaching to Tomorrow's Leaders

Lead Intelligently is a new leadership coaching service with a specialty in helping Gen X and Gen Y leaders establish their leadership voice. Millennials are now the largest cohort in the U.S. workforce and increasingly assume leadership roles. They are looking for career support that's immediately relevant and accessible.

Lead Intelligently Provides Coaching to Tomorrow's Leaders
New York, NY, March 30, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Yosh Beier, co-founder and managing partner of Lead Intelligently, announced that the firm is offering customized leadership coaching options for entrepreneurs, emerging and mid-career leaders. Free 30-minute phone consultations are available to help potential clients determine their needs and a free coaching assessment is available to define career development priorities.

“Executive coaching is too good to be limited to executives,” said Beier. “We founded Lead Intelligently with the voices of the Gen X and Gen Y clients in mind with whom we have worked during 15 years of consulting and coaching. They want affordable coaching in a contemporary language that supports authentic leadership and professional growth. And they want it now."

Leadership coaching is often reserved for executives and senior management. Lead Intelligently is changing that paradigm with its belief that coaching is generally offered too late to too few. The firm has established itself as a premiere resource, developing leadership programs for non-profit, start-up and Fortune 1000 companies.

Lead Intelligently specializes in MBA-level coaching for Gen X and Gen Y leaders who want to excel in their current positions or advance in their career objectives. Leadership and executive coaching is also available for organizations. The firm utilizes a clear and practical process presented by experienced coaches. Fair fees and no lock-in contracts are a hallmark of the company.

The firm utilizes a variety of interactive techniques that assist clients in broadening their perspectives and in building self-confidence that helps individuals set clear goals and balance insight with action. Reflection and conceptual learning methods offer ample opportunities for clients to learn new behaviors and put them into practical use.

An effective leader has self-knowledge and openness toward the experiences of others that engenders trust and understanding. The company’s leadership coaching utilizes tools from multiple disciplines that include behavioral science, humanistic psychology and organizational effectiveness.

Coaching is a powerful tool that affects all aspects of an individual’s life, from the personal to professional. Those who have undergone the coaching offered by Lead Independently have gained a deeper understanding of who they are and how they’re perceived by others. That knowledge produces measurable results that can be leveraged for greater productivity, improved communication, conflict resolution and team building.

The customized MBA-level leadership, entrepreneur and executive coaching offered by Lead Intelligently provides the means for the next generation of leaders to obtain the skills they’ll need to advance personally and professionally. The program is built with an emphasis on cost-effectiveness and clarity of process, with a results-oriented individualized structure for each client.

Located at 109 W 27th St. in New York City, NY, the firm can be reached by phone at +1-347-725-1757 or by visiting Lead Intelligently online.

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Lead Intelligently provides executive coaching, leadership coaching and entrepreneur coaching to Gen X and Gen Y leaders. Coaching services support professionals in new or existing roles to establish their leadership voice, to tackle workplace challenges, and to unlock new levels of performance.
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Lead Intelligently - In a Nutshell

Lead Intelligently - In a Nutshell

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