New Super Lightweight Cellular Concrete Equipment Pads

New super lightweight fiber reinforced cellular concrete equipment pads with an EPS foam core. Benefits include ease of handling, flexing without cracking and excellent noise absorption.

New Super Lightweight Cellular Concrete Equipment Pads
Houston, TX, July 08, 2015 --( New super lightweight equipment pads now are available from Cresco Concrete Products, LLC. These new pads feature an expanded polystyrene (EPS) core surrounded on five sides by fiber reinforced lightweight cellular concrete. Cellular concrete is made by introducing a non-toxic chemical foaming agent into a regular concrete mix leaving numerous discrete air pockets within the mix. It has the general appearance of regular dense concrete but is much lighter in weight. These new pads add to the current lineup of dense and lightweight cellular concrete (no EPS core) pads.

Equipment pads are designed to support outdoor equipment. They keep equipment from sliding, transfer weight evenly to the soil or gravel below and prevent standing water from forming below equipment.

Applications for these super lightweight equipment pads include the following:

Air conditioner compressor and condensing units
Generators (all sizes, models and brands including Generac, GE, Kohler and Briggs & Stratton)
Gas bottles
Hot water heaters
Pool equipment
Pump and filter equipment
Uninterruptable power supply units (all sizes, models and brands including APC, Eaton and Emerson)

Standard pad sizes range from 24” to 40” with thicknesses of 2” to 2.5”. Top surfaces have a pebble texture to keep equipment from sliding. Custom solutions are available in dense, lightweight and super lightweight options. Virtually any size, shape and thickness can be accommodated and pad features can include cutouts, threaded inserts and company logos.

The benefits of these new super lightweight concrete pads include the following:

Pads are 85% lighter than conventional concrete pads resulting in easier handling and lower transportation costs
Faster, easier and cheaper to install than a poured in place concrete pad
Provides an even mounting surface
Available in many standard sizes and any custom size
Cellular concrete surfaces are hard and durable
High fiber content in cellular concrete shell allows pad to flex resisting cracking or breaking
EPS foam core makes it more resistant to impact and bending
Pad material resists vibration and reduces noise generation
Strong pad offering excellent strength to weight ratios
Resistant to UV radiation, weathering and high ambient temperatures
Aerated concrete surface structure has superior freeze thaw resistance
Resistant to attack by termites
Will not harbor insects and vermin
Resistant to weed wacker damage
Drills easily and bolts readily
Resistant to chemical attack and fire
Lightweight pads are less likely to sink into the soil over time
Textured top surface keeps equipment from sliding
Height keeps equipment above any standing water reducing the possibility of rusting and equipment failure
Meets municipal code requirements

“Our super lightweight pads flex without cracking and are better able to accommodate uneven surfaces,” says Peter Thompson, Cresco’s Technical Advisor.

Cresco Concrete Products, LLC manufacturers its products from its facility in Houston, Texas and ships nationwide. The company’s products include the revolutionary Liteblok™ mortarless, interlocking building block, Litecast™ and Premocrete™ precast concrete fencing, pier and wall caps, parking stops, insulating skirting panels, fastening systems and stucco and paint alternatives. Cresco also offers cast stone products including accent blocks, address blocks, address markers, balustrades, bollards, columns, crown molding, entry ways, fireplaces, headers, keystones, mantels, pavers, planters, pool coping, signs, vent blocks, water tables, window surrounds and windowsills.

Additional information about Cresco’s products can be obtained by contacting the company or visiting its website at
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