Speedheat® Generation4™ Electric Radiant Floor Heating Featured in the Alliance Children’s Theatre’s 2007 Christmas House - La Maison Enchantée

Since 1975, the Alliance Children’s Theatre Guild has organized an inspiring showcase home to raise funds for their programs. La Maison Enchantée - the 2007 Christmas House - features the ageless beauty of a French manor home and proudly displays the latest and greatest concepts in home design. Among the many unique products featured throughout the estate, Generation4™ electric radiant floor heating by Speedheat® is showcased as a luxurious floor warming solution in the master bath.

Speedheat® Generation4™ Electric Radiant Floor Heating Featured in the  Alliance Children’s Theatre’s 2007 Christmas House - La Maison Enchantée
Atlanta, GA, December 05, 2007 --(PR.com)-- The 33rd Annual Alliance Children’s Theatre’s Christmas House, La Maison Enchantée, is open to the public from November 17 to December 9. Located at 895 West Places Ferry Road in Atlanta, “The Enchanted House” captures the quintessential appeal of a European manor home and features all the modern conveniences to enhance today’s comfort-driven lifestyle, including Generation4™ electric radiant floor heating by Speedheat®.

The 2007 Christmas House is a modern-day French manor located in the heart of Buckhead’s most prestigious residential district. The exquisite estate features a rustic, yet refined, exterior of stone, brick and metal. The spacious floor plan was designed with entertaining in mind and also features an abundance of unique details including a 400-year-old hand-carved wood mantel from a castle in France. Designed by Harrison Design Associates and built by Steven West Custom Homes, the Christmas House showcases the collective work of Atlanta’s foremost designers.

The home is richly appointed and offers great design inspiration and decorating ideas for a wide variety of spaces. Specific areas include: front porch, library, dining room, powder room, master bedroom, master bathroom (with Generation4 electric radiant floor heating by Speedheat), entrance gallery, living room, grand kitchen, breakfast room, keeping room, landing loft, in-law suite, boy’s bedroom, woman’s bedroom, upstairs sitting room, “South Seas Retreat” guest room, studio, recreation room, wine cellar, terrace level guest retreat and a rear terrace.

All proceeds from the Christmas House go to support the Alliance Children’s Theatre. Speedheat of Woodstock is proud to serve as a supporter by donating a complete floor warming system for this important show home. For more information about tickets, show hours, directions and parking/shuttle instructions, please visit www.alliancetheatre.org

“We are truly honored to be included in this prestigious show home, and we look forward to introducing luxury-minded consumers to the many benefits of our floor warming systems,” says Peter Newman, President of Speedheat U.S. “We are also equally excited about ‘giving back’ to the community through our support of the Alliance Children’s Theatre Guild, and we applaud their outstanding work.”

While “The Enchanted House” may be beyond the financial reach of most consumers, floor heating itself is no longer a luxury reserved for the rich and famous. With recent advances in electric radiant floor heating, Speedheat® is a smart and luxurious upgrade that is surprisingly affordable and well within the reach of most homeowners.

Speedheat® Advantages:
Just as there are differences between a high-end luxury vehicle and a basic economy car, there are many distinctions in floor warming products. While heating elements may look similar, the advanced technology behind Speedheat’s Generation4™ products sets them apart in the industry.

“Because Speedheat’s patented Generation4™ heating element is optimally engineered to be ‘in touch’ with floor finishes, it warms floors faster than any other systems and at lower, safer temperatures,” explains Pieter Jansens, Chairman of Speedheat International. “Our G4™ element improves comfort, health and safety. It also protects sensitive flooring and slashes energy consumption. Furthermore, only Speedheat® is fully customized to meet the specific needs of each application.”

Speedheat® Offers Warming Solutions for the Whole Home:
Speedheat® is easy to install at any time, in any room and under virtually any floor covering (carpet, stone, floating wood, laminates, vinyl and more). Speedheat® is the ideal choice for new construction as well as kitchen renovations, bathroom remodeling, sunroom additions and basement finishing projects. Other G4™ products include TileWarm™ woodBEwarmer™ and CarpetMate™.

Speedheat® also offers a unique “zone heating” option called RugBuddy™ — the only UL-listed heating mat in the world, approved for use under area rugs. RugBuddy™ is a portable heating blanket that plugs into a standard electrical outlet. It is an ideal solution when installing fixed radiant floor heating is not an option. Like an electric blanket for the floor, RugBuddy™ instantly turns area rugs into invisible space heaters and is an ideal floor warming solution for cold spots in any room of the home or office.

Backed by the Industry’s Best Safety and Satisfaction Guarantees:
Only Speedheat’s G4™ systems feature the patented PTCSelfControl™ flexible heating element that is the thinnest in the industry at less than 1/16” in diameter. The self-regulating element prevents overheating, and the multi-stranded core is protected with a tough Tefzel® outer sheath to resist abrasion and aging. All Speedheat® products have undergone rigorous testing, including complete submersion in water while energized. All systems feature a full-surround ground screen that is an effective EMR, EMI and RFI shield, and GFCI protection provides absolute electrical safety. Speedheat’s products are all UL-listed and National Electric Code (NEC) compliant.

Recent Recognition in USA:
Speedheat® was selected for inclusion in Lochstone Manor, the $7.25 million 2007 Roswell Woman’s Club Showcase Home and included in both the “New” and “Renew” Showcase Homes at the Southern Building Show in 2006. Metropolitan Home magazine featured RugBuddy™ in their May 2006 Design 100 list. RugBuddy™ was also named as one of the “35 Best Home Products” in the February 2006 issue of Mountain Living. Speedheat® was also recently featured in This Old House Magazine’s “20 of the Year’s Coolest Tools, Gizmos and Gadgets” list. Speedheat® has also been featured in such publications/shows as: Southern Living, House DIY (formerly do!), Atlanta Home Improvement, Points North, Living in Atlanta, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Chicago Tribune, HGTV, FloorRadio, FloorDaily, Rug Insider and the Ask Andrea™ nationally-syndicated home improvement radio show.

Additional Information:
Speedheat U.S. is located at 120 Arnold Mill Park, Suite 100, Woodstock, GA 30188. For more information please call 1-888-WARM-FLOOR (1-888-927-6356), or fax 1-888-927-6357 or visit www.speedheat.us.

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RugBuddy is Like an Electric Blanket for the Floor - Just Plug It in & Enjoy.

RugBuddy is Like an Electric Blanket for the Floor - Just Plug It in & Enjoy.

RugBuddy is the perfect solution when installing floor heating is not an option. You just plug it in and place an area rug on top for a superb zone heating solution that eliminates the need for space heaters or baseboard heating units.

With CarpetMate You Can Warm Your Room Through Your Carpet

With CarpetMate You Can Warm Your Room Through Your Carpet

Speedheat's Generation4 electric radiant floor warming products are so safe and gentle that their CarpetMate system can be installed directly under the carpet and on top of the pad, thus offering the most comfortable and efficient warming solution for soft surface areas.

TileWarm Makes Sunrooms Cozy All Year Round

TileWarm Makes Sunrooms Cozy All Year Round

Speedheat's Generation4 TileWarm offers luxurious radiant heat under tile, stone, marble, vinyl and more. It's perfect in sunrooms, bathrooms, basements or any space with hard surface flooring that feels cold underfoot.

Even Hardwoods Feel Warm with WoodBeWarmer

Even Hardwoods Feel Warm with WoodBeWarmer

WoodBeWarmer is a Generation4 floor warming solution by Speedheat. This unique underfloor heating system can easily be installed under floating wood and laminates.

Enjoy Warm Floors with Speedheat's Advanced Generation4 Systems

Enjoy Warm Floors with Speedheat's Advanced Generation4 Systems

Speedheat's Generation4 systems are the most technologically advanced in the world. They offer distinct advantages in conservation, comfort, health and safety.

With Plug-n'-Warm Simplicity, RugBuddy is a Warming Wonder.

With Plug-n'-Warm Simplicity, RugBuddy is a Warming Wonder.

Recently featured in Metropolitan Home, Southern Living and Mountain Living magazines, RugBuddy is like an electric blanket for the floor! Speedheat's one-of-a-kind RugBuddy makes the best rugs even better. You just plug it in and enjoy the gentle radiating warmth and comfort.