300 Developers, Designers, and Investors Will Converge on Chicago for the 8th Annual WindyCityRails Conference Sept. 17-18, 2015 at Venue One

Produced by ChicagoRuby and WisdomGroup, the WindyCityRails conference brings 300 developers, designers, entrepreneurs and investors together September 17-18, 2015 at Venue One in Chicago’s West Loop for two days of education, collaboration and problem solving.

Chicago, IL, September 08, 2015 --(PR.com)-- What do Basecamp, Braintree, and Avant have in common?

a) They are Chicago based tech startups
b) They built their companies with Ruby on Rails
c) They are sponsors and supporters of WindyCityRails

How about all of the above?

WindyCityRails is an annual gathering for all who are passionate about Ruby on Rails. The 2015 speaker lineup includes Braintree developer Lionel Barrow; Kyle Crum of Reverb.com; Jeffrey Cohen, Computer Science lecturer at the University of Chicago and cofounder of Go Learn to Code; Ruby developer Sarah Mei at DevMynd Software; Greg Baugues, developer evangelist for Twilio; Kelsey Hightower, developer advocate at CoreOS; Kenyan developer Jackie Mutua with ThoughtWorks and Basecamp programmer Eileen Uchitelle.

With generous support from Avant, Braintree, Enova, Centro, and Reverb, 8th Light, Hashrocket, Mandrill, Twilio, Instructure, Pivotal, Table XI and iLoan, WindyCityRails provides an inclusive forum to collaborate, discuss critical issues, and learn how their peers use Rails and other technologies to transform their organizations.

In 10 days with the support of 22 sponsors; 300 developers, designers, and investors will converge in Chicago for WindyCityRails to listen to 14 technology experts over two days. Come see what’s been going on since 2008.

About Ruby on Rails
Ruby on Rails ("Rails" for short) helps tech companies build business-driven web sites in less time with fewer errors. Time is money; Rails enables developers to deliver.

About ChicagoRuby and WisdomGroup
WisdomGroup is a software company that builds apps for web and mobile. The company assumed leadership of a 78-member Ruby user group in 2007, re-branded the group as ChicagoRuby, expanded the group's offerings, and created the WindyCityRails annual conference. Today ChicagoRuby boasts 3,500+ members and a special alliance with LinuxBarbados in the Caribbean.

For more info visit: WindyCityRails.org | Twitter: @WindyCityRails, @ChicagoRuby, #windycityrails | Videos: www.windycityrails.org/videos

When smart people challenge each other to grow, great things happen.
-The ChicagoRuby Motto
Tonya L. Johnson


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