Enhances Website Security with HTTPS Implementation

Phoenix, AZ, September 21, 2015 --(, a website dedicated to providing forklift training and certification to meet OSHA standards, has migrated their website’s security to HTTPS (Hypertext Protocol Secure) protocol. With sharing and submitting personal information required to register for forklift training and certification via the website, Forklift Certification strives to ensure website users have the highest level of protection.

The migration from HTTP to HTTPS will enhance the user experience with added layers of protection to secure the website and the users’ integrity and confidentiality. The personal information that’s shared between user computers and the Forklift Certification website will be protected through Transport Layer Security Protocol (TLS). The multiple layers of security will protect the users’ data through encryptions and authentication protocols.

“In recent years, the threat of data breaches and fraud throughout the Internet has left many weary to provide personal information to websites,” said Tom Wilkerson, owner of Forklift Certification. “We don’t want the fear of Internet fraud stopping people from achieving their forklift certification. This is why we’ve migrated to HTTPS. The additional layers of security will protect the site’s users so they can spend more time focusing on achieving their certification.” now has an encryption process that protects data while it’s exchanged. This prevents third parties from viewing or stealing the information while it’s shared. As an additional layer of protection, data integrity ensures the information isn’t modified, while the authentication process adds the final layer of protection. Users will be connected directly to to prevent middleman attacks. The migration to HTTPS is seamless for site users, who are redirected automatically to the secure version of the website without needing to take any additional steps. takes security and protection of all forms seriously, which is why they’ve made it their mission to deliver safe and secure training courses with the adoption of HTTPS. Recommended for the highest level of website security, HTTPS enhances the protection website users have while taking the certification classes. With a more secure platform, Forklift Certification users have the added peace of mind needed to complete their forklift certification.

About provides complete online forklift training programs to achieve a forklift certification. Through flexible classes and affordable payment options, employers and operators will obtain the skills and certification required to safely operate a forklift in a diversity of environments and industries.
Tom Wilkerson