iCAN Supports America's Veterans and Men's Health

For the entire month of November, Cancer Action Now Inc. (www.canceractionnow.com) will provide a free session to a US Veteran with cancer for each paid session that occurs.

Morristown, NJ, November 12, 2015 --(PR.com)-- As part of its mission to help cancer patients and their doctors achieve optimal health care treatment through the innovative use of technology, and in honor of Veterans Day and Men’s Health (Movember), Cancer Action Now, Inc. (iCAN) is pleased announce that for the entire month of November, for each paid session done through iCAN we will donate a free session to a US Veteran with Cancer.

“This nation and our freedoms are built on the sweat and sacrifice of the men and women who have served our nation. Their service and sacrifice demands some sort of recognition. It is our honor to give back to the veteran community. Many veterans have access to exceptional care in the VA Health System. For those who do not get access to the top cancer doctors in the world, we are committed to providing such access for free to honor their commitment to us all,” commented Jeff Meehan, CEO of Cancer Action Now, Inc. and long time supporter of Veterans Health.

If you are a veteran with cancer and you want to access a top expert in your type of cancer, go to the canceractionnnow.com website and insert the coupon code “VETERAN” when registering for a free session.

For more information, please call 1-844-GET-iCAN (438-4226) or email manderson@canceractionnow.com or visit our website at http://www.canceractionnow.com.

About Cancer Action Now, Inc.
The mission of iCAN is to help cancer patients and their doctors achieve optimal health care treatment by providing fast, customized information about their cancer management from top cancer experts. iCAN’s carefully chosen network of cancer experts offers collective expertise with a common goal of improving cancer outcomes by facilitating the use of technology and enabling immediate communication of up-to-date clinical information. This empowers physicians and patients to more rapidly make decisions and initiate optimal treatment earlier, regardless of location. iCAN, through a proprietary, HIPAA compliant and secure platform, connects providers, patients and caregivers with many of the top cancer experts in the US who are prepared to evaluate a wide range of cancer cases. iCAN experts intend to ease concerns, answer questions and provide clear information. Please visit www.canceractionnow.com or connect with iCAN on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.
Maud Anderson