miummium Launches to Connect Foodies to Personal Chefs for Haute Cuisine Feasts at Home

miummium Launches to Connect Foodies to Personal Chefs for Haute Cuisine Feasts at Home
Los Angeles, CA, January 08, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Award-winning chef, Chloë St-Cyr, launched a new platform in the US today that will connect food-loving customers with personal chefs for haute cuisine feasts at home. St-Cyr announced the launch of miummium.com following her recent victory in the Middle East's most prestigious culinary contest in Dubai. Her new initiative, dubbed "miummium," is a web-based platform that aims to provide an alternative to restaurants. miummium was started in Canada late in December with great success. Already over 2000 chefs have signed up to join the miummium tribe.

"We want to democratize the culinary art, make it accessible to all, help professional chefs increase their income and reduce their financial dependence on restaurants," St-Cyr explained. "We also want to provide a space where talented amateur chefs can promote their skills to the world. The time has come to take the chef out of the kitchen and into the customer's home." According to St-Cyr, consumers want to feast at home more than ever. In the comfort of their house, people can drink and enjoy themselves without having to drive back home after dinner. This is one of the multiple advantages of hiring a private chef, says St-Cyr.

Research undertaken by miummium's marketing team shows that when consumers visit restaurants, they are not only expecting a great meal, they also want to enjoy an experience. The data also indicates that consumers want more choices, they want to reduce their costs, and they want to discover new flavors. Too often, the consumer goes back home, disappointed by the experience and by the cost to attain it. miummium aims to address these problems. Chefs will arrive at customers' homes a few hours before a meal, cook in front of them, teach customers and their guests some culinary techniques, serve the feast, and disappear discreetly after. miummium's clients can now discover a panoply of chefs who will exceed their expectations. On the miummium.com platform, clients will be able to compare chefs, study their menus, read reviews from previous clients and reserve their experience.

Having raised the necessary capital and built its web platform, miummium is now looking for culinary talent. The platform is now inviting professional chefs and talented foodies throughout the country. With miummium, each chef chooses their schedule, creates their menus, and fixes their prices. miummium is looking for people of all ages and nationalities, the only requirement is to be passionate about food and to provide an unforgettable experience for each client. Everyone is invited: the BBQ queens, the decadent burgers kings, or the three-star Michelin chef.

The future of food service is now. Be part of the revolution and stick your tongue out at restaurants. Join the tribe at miummium.com
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