ICBioethics Earns Pittsburgh Business Ethics Award

ICBioethics Earns Pittsburgh Business Ethics Award
Pittsburgh, PA, February 27, 2016 --(PR.com)-- The Institute of Consultative Bioethics (ICBioethics) has been named the winner of a Pittsburgh Business Ethics Award in the Small Business category.

The 15th Annual Pittsburgh Business Ethics Awards (PBEA) were presented by the Pittsburgh Chapter of the Society of Financial Service Professionals during the PBEA Awards Ceremony and Luncheon Banquet at the Omni William Penn Hotel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Wednesday, February 24. Co-presenters were the David Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership at the University of Pittsburgh, the Rotary Club of Pittsburgh, and the Allegheny Conference on Community Development.

The awards are designed to recognize U.S. companies that demonstrate a firm commitment to ethical practices in their day-to-day operations, philosophies, and response to crises and challenges. ICBioethics’ CEO, Dr. Kathy Detar Gennuso, commented, “We are very honored to receive this award focused on business ethics.” During the awards ceremony, it was noted that the company’s name contains the word “ethics.” Dr. Gennuso commented on this, “Indeed, it’s all part of the broader umbrella of ethics, a set of moral principles to guide one’s behavior. In our case, our product EthAssist® helps healthcare professionals learn more about or review principles and issues related to bioethics, sometimes referred to as clinical or medical ethics. More important, we want EthAssist to help users also bridge from the theory to the practical application of bioethics, like being able to demonstrate respect for patient autonomy and patient rights, or understanding what to do when conflicts of interest arise. We also look at organizational ethics in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, academic organizations, and hospice facilities, as that plays a big role in developing a culture of ethical behavior.”

ICBioethics’ product and services involve bioethics, but the PBEA award pertains to the business ethics within the company itself, especially how it relates to its customers, employees, business associates, and the community at large. Accepting the award on behalf of the company, COO Rich Gennuso stated, “Our business ethics are measured in part by how we work with our customers. When we formed the company in 2011, our goal was to make every client into a referenceable account who would actually see our business ethics in action.” He added, “In our team meetings, when evaluating approaches to a particular challenge, we still always ask ourselves, ‘What is the ethical thing to do?’ It’s actually part of the team discussion.”

During the ceremony, several speakers commented on the importance of moving beyond the focus of what “not to do” towards building a culture of “what is ethical to do.” “We couldn’t agree more!” stated Dr. Gennuso. “That’s why our company was formed, and that’s what we do internally as an organization and what we strive to achieve with our clients.”

Each year hundreds of firms are nominated. Applications are received in the fall in three categories: small, medium, and large business. Then three finalists are selected in each category at the beginning of each year, and the winners are announced at the awards ceremony. ICBioethics was nominated by Debbie Schlaegle, Director of Business Development at Clearview Federal Credit Union. She commented, “I get a sense of our business members’ ethical standards as we work on business plans and finances, and I’ve been nominating outstanding organizations for the award for several years. I am delighted that one of my nominees was selected for the award this year, and I think it’s a reflection of the exceptional businesses that choose to partner with Clearview. We’re happy to serve local businesses like ICBioethics that value their employees, their work and their community as much as we do.”

“We believe exemplary organizations are those that clearly convey their values, then put them into action visibly and consistently,” Dr. Gennuso said. “Without that happening, morale can drop and motivation lag, and soon the execution of the obligations and responsibilities of the entire organization are negatively impacted, especially under rapidly changing conditions that naturally occur when growing a business. Because we wanted ICBioethics to be exemplary, our first task was to set a solid foundation internally so that we could assure ourselves, as well as our clients, that we were committed to keeping ethics firmly rooted at the center of our organization.”

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