A Century’s Missionary Report Card from an African Viewpoint

Patterson, CA, March 05, 2016 --(PR.com)-- The book, “Precious Mt. Silinda United Church of Christ (UCC) Mission,” by Mrs. Kate E. Sukuta is an informative book about Western Christian missionary work in Zimbabwe, Africa. The author found herself in a unique position of witnessing over a century of Christian work through her parents’ eyes starting in the late nineteenth century and then her own eyes and those of her late husband. As we enter the twenty-first century, she feels obligated to share this gift God gave her with the rest of the world.

The book presents Western missionaries, past and prospective, and the congregations that supported them a great opportunity to see Africans and the impact of their work through African eyes. Many missionaries who went to Africa have written on this same subject matter, but what makes this book particularly unique is that it shares with the world an African viewpoint.

The book specifically covers the impact of the UCC in Zimbabwe, and how Mrs. Sukuta’s family and Africans in general were influenced by Christian missionaries. First, the book explains how Tshaka Zulu’s wars in the early nineteenth century, paved a trail of blood that led the UCC founding missionaries from Natal/KwaZulu, South Africa to present day Mt. Silinda in Zimbabwe. Next, she explains how the killing fields of Mt. Silinda were turned into a Christian mission center overnight, and how her parents got involved with the missionaries right at the start.

Mrs. Sukuta then exhaustively covers how African education, health, religion, agriculture, and the status of women in African society were impacted by Christian missionary work. She navigates through these issues using first-hand family accounts and her own life story at Mt. Silinda UCC Mission in Zimbabwe, Africa. Inevitably, this book serves the threefold purpose of being a partial account of the history of Mt. Silinda Mission and the United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe as well the authors own autobiography, for the three are just inseparable. Overall, it can be viewed as a “Century’s Report Card” for the United Church of Christ and Christian missionary work in Africa in general.

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