Millions to Vote Against Two-Party Tyranny in 2016?

John Manimas predicts millions of voters will write-in his name for the office of President in November 2016 because of the electorate's extreme dissatisfaction with the two-party tyranny. Manimas offers a new election system that uses vote donation and party coalitions to identify a legitimate new political majority.

Putney, VT, April 07, 2016 --( John Manimas predicted today that 50 million American voters will write in his name for the office of President in order to vote against the Two-party System and for "Real Democracy." Manimas said that he is offering, after years of legal research and history studies, a unique opportunity for voters who usually stay home to come out to vote against the political disaster that he calls the "Two-party Tyranny."

"This is most definitely not another third-party game or an effort to attract just conservative votes," Manimas said. Candidate Manimas stated further: "The Real Democracy Project, described on the John Manimas website, is intended to become the Real Democracy Movement." Manimas said "The seven principles of the Real Democracy Party explain that a write-in vote for John Manimas will be a message to Congress that the voters are fed up with the crazy behavior of the corrupt partnership between the Democrats and the Republicans. Write-in votes for John Manimas will show voter opposition to the two-party experiment and a mandate to return to a multi-party system and a truly democratic election process."

Manimas contended: "The new system that I propose would be implemented simply by casting write-in votes that would replace the Two-party system with vote donation and party coalitions. The system he offers forces the major political parties to negotiate and compromise in order to form a legitimate majority through a political party coalition."

Manimas described "The Four Lethal Flaws of the Two-party Tyranny (TPT)" as follows:

"1) The TPT reverses the will of the people so that liberal votes benefit conservatives and conservative votes benefit liberals, whenever a minor or third-party tries to participate in our elections. These third parties are called 'splinter' parties or 'spoiler' parties because of the inherent anti-democratic effect of the Two-party Tyranny.

2) The TPT causes an extreme polarization of all public political discussion into destructively simplified black-or-white questions, which become inane questions such as 'Are you for life or against life? Are you for guns or against guns? Are you for wealth or against wealth?' Opportunities for meaningful discussion of our social and economic problems get fogged and lost by this simplistic either/or style of questioning.

3) The arithmetic of the TPT enables a small number of corrupted election officials to commit election fraud by discarding or destroying a handful of ballots, such as occurred in Florida in the 2000 election.

4) The TPT enables a small minority of the corrupted rich to control the outcome of elections by paying for election campaigns and in effect hiring unethical citizens to run for office and represent only a few business entities when they are elected, instead of representing their district constituents."

Manimas said, "Vote donation and party coalitions is the best way to reform our election system. It is the method that is easiest to adopt because it involves the smallest change while producing effective implementation of the will of the majority through our elections." Complete details of the Real Democracy Project are available at the John Manimas website.
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Initial message to friends and citizens

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