Grand ISS Assembles a Counterfeit Abatement Team (C.A.T.) to Lead the Way in Combating Today’s Most Serious "Economic Crime"

C.A.T. focuses solely on the global counterfeiting scourge, a top concern for society at large, governments and the business community alike.

St. Petersburg, FL, January 09, 2008 --( In a continuing effort to strengthen its diversified portfolio of security, risk management, private intelligence and investigatory solutions, Grand ISS today announced the launch of its specialized Counterfeit Abatement Team (C.A.T.) initiative. In 2006, according to the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition, trade in counterfeit goods reached an estimated $600 billion (USD) on the world market. In the U.S. alone losses to counterfeiting reached $250 billion and that number is expected to double to $500 billion in 2008.

Noting that product counterfeiting has been named the crime of the twenty-first century by the FBI, Ralph V. Frasca, Jr., Grand ISS’ President and CEO said, “Our company subscribes to the belief that we can make a difference. By carving out a full-service niche exclusively dedicated to detecting, combating, and deterring counterfeiting, we effectively work to resolve what has become a very serious economic and social threat to consumer health and safety, legitimate business, national revenues, foreign investment, and brand integrity.”

“As we try to anticipate the long-term consequences of global counterfeiting, the extensive involvement of organized crime and terrorist organizations is another major component that must not be overlooked,” said Steven C. Purl, COO of Grand ISS and former Scotland Yard Special Operative. Counterfeiting has grown to an enormous scale because the profits involved are significant and the penalties in most countries are minimal or non-existent. As a result, more and more criminal elements are getting involved and sophisticated, better-organized and well-financed groups are surfacing making it harder to stem the problem. Borders are no longer a barrier to counterfeiters; and no country or industry sector is immune to the growing challenge.

Grand ISS deploys highly reliable resources along with alternative strategies to augment current conventional solutions. “One of the greatest assets we had in designing the C.A.T. solution was the ability to pull together our worldwide network of experts,” said Mr. Purl. Grand ISS leverages highly experienced international investigative specialists and field operatives with over 3,700 partnered forensic scientists, engineers and technicians in research centers around the world. “C.A.T. fulfills a commitment to aggressively bring to market innovative solutions that help clients meet pressing challenges such as the rise in trade of globalized counterfeits. The C.A.T. concept provides for a relatively new and phased approach utilizing a multi-tiered and focused methodology that integrates proprietary cutting-edge technologies, sophisticated investigatory techniques, and an in-country presence second to none to ultimately achieve success,” he added.

Concentrating on the “hot spot” production base countries, with Greater China leading the way, Grand ISS uses C.A.T. resources to assist clients identify, inspect and control the rampant flow of counterfeit goods over international borders. “Counterfeiters act with reckless disregard for consumers. The potential impact of counterfeit components in national defense systems; the dangers of machinery, electrical goods, and auto parts made from sub-standard materials; safety and health risks associated with counterfeit medicines, contaminated food and drinks including alcohol and tobacco products, as well as the use of toxic materials in toys and chemicals in personal care products…are a few examples of why counterfeiting can no longer be perceived as a “victimless crime,” said Mr. Purl. “It is a global economic epidemic that poses real and dangerous threats to us all.”

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