Singer/Songwriter, Angela V. Woodhull, Ph.D., Brings Her Fun Educational Songs to the Stage

Woodhull Takes Fun Facts and Turns Them Into Music

Singer/Songwriter, Angela V. Woodhull, Ph.D., Brings Her Fun Educational Songs to the Stage
Gainesville, FL, May 20, 2016 --( Dragonflies come in four colors. Tigers cannot purr. Ladybugs eat aphids. Lions live in prides. Fireflies use a “Morse Code.” A giraffe’s heart weighs 24 pounds.

Singer/Songwriter Angela V. Woodhull, Ph.D. has written more than 300 songs – the subjects range from getting your ears pierced at the mall to populating Mars with potato salad. There’s fun and wacky songs about animals, insects, and sea marine creatures.

But when Spider Elvis appears this Fall in Woodhull’s production of “I Like Bugs!” audience members will view eight gyrating legs instead of two.

Woodhull began her music career as “Angelina, the Polka Queen” and is best remembered for her cameo appearance in the HBO movie, “Recount.”

After staging “Remember Idora!” – a show that memorializes the well-loved extinct, but never forgotten amusement park in Youngstown, Ohio, Woodhull moved to Branson, Missouri and began recording nearly 300 songs.

“I don’t know where these songs come from. I think they are spiritual gifts,”
Woodhull wryly remembers the evening she was stopped by a Forsyth, Missouri police officer for parking into a closed shopping center. She explained that a song had just entered her head and she had to capture it on paper before it escaped.

“Well, let’s hear that song,” the officer replied.

And so Woodhull wailed out “The Cow Song” for the first time, with a chorus of “Moo, moo, moos!” to the inquiring officer who remained stoic and kept a flashlight in Woodhull’s face.

Today, Angela Woodhull is preparing for a stage production of “I Like Bugs!” There are costumes of ants, butterflies, dragonflies, and other creatures scattered all over her living room floor.

“It’s going to be a spectacular production!” Woodhull boasts. “Especially when the lights shine shadows of cockroaches on the audience!”

To learn more about Cha Cha Angelina's production, visit:, or contact Woodhull directly at (352) 219-6994,

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