Retail.Email App Launch Cuts Down Inbox Clutter and Makes Online Shopping a Snap

Created to scope out great deals and organize inboxes, a new mobile application gathers retail ads and gives retail marketing and promotional emails a new home.

Retail.Email App Launch Cuts Down Inbox Clutter and Makes Online Shopping a Snap
Orlando, FL, June 08, 2016 --( Like a personal assistant for online shopping discount offers, a new app gives retail ads a home of their own. Created to solve the problem of a full inbox at the mercy of too many retailers, Retail.Email simplifies the process. The app makes sure its users still have a way to get the deals they actually want while cutting down on inbox clutter.

With the use of a free in-app personal email address, shoppers never miss a beat or a sale. Open the app, see great deals, and buy, buy, buy right from a smartphone. Simple.

Email organization at its finest, the app gives its users time. Clarence Reynolds, creator of Retail.Email said of the launch, “Being notified in real time of just about anything and everything is convenient but parsing out good emails from the junk is a waste of precious time. Now there’s a way to move discount offers from my favorite retailers out of my inbox. Then, after eight days, the auto-delete feature will rid my Retail.Email inbox of emails I didn’t use.”

Upon downloading the app, and receiving an in-app email address, users just unsubscribe from their favorite retailers in their original personal email account. They then resubscribe using the email address provided by Retail.Email. Now all discounts, sales and promotional offers will go directly to the Retail.Email app. Preferences can be set to alert users when a new promotional deal arrives. They can also share the deal with a friend directly through the app now available on iTunes, Google Play and The Windows Store.

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About Retail.Email:
Retail.Email was created by Clarence Reynolds to work in tandem with its parent company, Elite Consumers. It is a mobile application that aggregates discount offers via online shopping ads sent directly to one’s smartphone or tablet. Advertising opportunities for retailers are available. Reynolds is also the author of “The Absolute Guide to Online Shopping” now available on Kindle.

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