Frecuencia Latinoamérica, Partnered with, Announces M2Games Latam 2016 in Miami

Latin America’s mobile games industry will meet in Miami on December October 4-5th

Naples, FL, September 02, 2016 --( Frecuencia Latinoamérica announces M2Games Latam 2016 in Miami on October 4-5th. M2Games Latam will focus on the development of games for mobile devices, with emphasis on the strategic business, marketing and distribution issues related to mobile games for Hispanic and Spanish speaking consumers. This platform will provide interaction with all valued chain members: independent developers, brands and content owners, advertising and user acquisition tools and platforms, mobile operators, mobile device manufacturers etc offering a space to create strategic alliances. Additionally, it will provide specific market insights into various Latin American and US Hispanic markets.

Reasons M2Games Latam 2016 is different and what you will learn:

• To analyze FTP vs. data plans monetization in Spanish speaking markets
• To learn to adequately incorporate VR technologies into offerings
• To learn about advergaming in LATAM and meet brands who are exploring opportunities
• To asses the role of advertising and mobile marketing in monetizing games in LATAM
• To evaluate the discoverability of gaming content
• To learn how to achieve culturally and effectively branded games
• To figure out how to valuate markets in Latam and entry or expansion strategy
• To understand how to successfully establish cross cultural partnerships

Mobile games represent a resource to increase revenue:
Mobile games are a source of entertainment. Games are also a powerful tool to build brand loyalty, consumer engagement and channel unique advertising messages. According to a report by Juniper Research, in the advertising revenue from mobile games will surpass US$894 million by 2016, thanks to the brands increasing interest and investment in mobile solutions to reach their customers.

Research company, Flurry said that 80% of the income generated by mobile apps is originated by games. The mobile games market represents a business opportunity for developers in the local and international markets.

The gaming industry has been present in the mobile market since its inception and has been key for the monetization for Valued Added Services. This mobile content has had an ascendant journey to become one of the key resources offering new and renovated possibilities to increase income for carriers and developers.

Who should attend M2Games Latam:
● Companies developing platforms, software and mobile content
● Global mobile development companies, particularly from the USA, Israel and India looking to pursue LATAM markets
● Mobile carrier companies
● Media and entertainment companies interested in creating a loyal follow-up by offering its content to built a relation with their clients and to offer the chance to increase income generation opportunities by widening its own offer or through partnerships with third parties.
● Mobile marketing, user acquisition and metrics, ad networks, app marketing providers looking to increase their offerings to Latin American game developers and publishers

With the editorial support of FrecuenciaOnline and M2Commerce Latam News, M2Games Latam 2016 is gathering an exclusive group of speakers share their specific knowledge.

The impressive 2015 speaker roster included:
● Eduardo Mangarelli, Senior Director of Technology, Developers & Platform Microsoft LATAM
● Mario Valle, Director Business Development (Emerging Markets), Electronic Arts
● Scott Kepnach, Director Mobile Growth, Zynga
● Max Cavazzani, CEO, ETERMAX
● Gonzalo Rojón Director de Investigación de las TICs The Competitive Intelligence
● Chris James, Managing Director Pocketgamer, Steel Media Ltd
● Jorge Rincón, Head of Entertainment and Solutions Performance, Millicom
● David Yin: GM – Global Developer Alliances,
• Jaime Alejandro Matus, Gerente regional SVA, Claro Centroamérica
• Cristian Acuña Larraín, Studio Director Chile, Behaviour Interactive
• Moacyr Alves Junior, President, ACIGAMES
● Antoni Muntaner, CEO, Binbit

Among many others!

Why Miami?
Miami already is the media and entertainment capital of Latin America, and Latin America is the most promising market for mobile games in the world. With more than half of Latin America’s countries already surpassing 100% mobile phone penetration, Miami is the logical avenue for accelerating a massive industry into a major development center for the gaming business. M2Games LATAM will be the facilitator that brings awareness to global mobile gaming players into new markets and opportunities in Latin America.

Venue: The events take place at The Light Box at Goldman Center, in Miami's Wynwood emerging technology neighborhood.

Registration and speaker requests are now open!
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