Bioscience Americas Announces New Cellular Immunotherapy Treatment

The treatment represents a breakthrough therapy that incorporates advanced stem cell protocols.

Bioscience Americas Announces New Cellular Immunotherapy Treatment
Phoenix, AZ, September 20, 2016 --( Bioscience Americas, LLC (, the leading international developer of autologous stem cell treatment centers, is pleased to announce that it has added cellular immunotherapy for the treatment of cancer to its list of therapies available to patients at its San Vicente Hospital treatment center in Rionegro, Antioquia, Colombia.

Cellular immunotherapy is an innovative new technology developed in the laboratories of Bioscience Americas by its science partner, the Global Institute of Stem Cell Therapy and Research (GIOSTAR). The treatment represents a break-through therapy that incorporates advanced stem cell protocols.

Eric Stoffers, Bioscience Americas CEO, explained the treatment and how it differs from conventional therapies such as radiation, drugs or surgery. “Some chemotherapies and cytotoxic anti-cancer drugs kill tumor cells directly. Immunotherapies, by contrast, leverage a different but no less potent mechanism of killing tumor cells. Instead of targeting the tumor itself, they rally a patient’s dormant immune cells to do the job. Prominent among them are so called T cells, the immune system’s ‘warrior cells’ which normally attack foreign cells or cells harboring bacteria or viruses.”

In describing the procedure, Mr. Stoffers noted that initially a sample is taken from a patient’s tumor and the tumor’s DNA is sequenced to identify tumor-specific mutations. These mutations are then tested against a patient’s own T cells to identify which ones are recognized. These tumor-specific antigens can then be used to expand a patient’s tumor-specific T cells into a highly focused and effective army of killer cells.

He added that “The proposed cancer immunotherapy that has been custom-tailored to a patient’s tumor will not only fight the primary tumor but will continue to hunt down stray cancer cells before new metastases can establish themselves.”

Mr. Stoffers went on to say that “this approach puts the ‘personal’ in personalized medicine and has only become possible thanks to the dramatic advances in technology and decades of intensive research by our science team into the most fundamental mechanisms governing the immune system.”

Mr. Stoffers praised the Bioscience Americas science partners at GIOSTAR and in particular Dr. Anand Srivastava, Bioscience Americas Chief Science Officer. “Dr. Srivastava and our team of eighteen world-renowned scientists are leading the revolution in health care. Without resorting to drugs, surgery, or harmful radiation, we are providing innovative solutions for a healthier world,” he concluded.

The San Vicente Hospital treatment center is scheduled to open during the first quarter of 2017.

GIOSTAR is a consortium of research scientists from around the world. Based at the University of California San Diego Medical Center, it has been the recipient of more than $400 million in research grants, endowment contributions and appropriations. More than 4,000 patients suffering from autoimmune diseases have been treated at its hospital in India since 2011.

In partnership with GIOSTAR, Bioscience Americas is expanding globally with additional treatment center locations targeted for Costa Rica, Africa, Asia, and on Native American tribal land within the United States.
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