THINKSOUND™ Releases Three New Headphone Models

THINKSOUND™ announces the release of three new headphones, the ms02, On2 and rain3.

THINKSOUND™ Releases Three New Headphone Models
Somersworth, NH, September 29, 2016 --( Building upon the success of their award-winning headphones, thinksound is proud to announce the arrival of three new models. The ms02 in-ear monitor, the On2 on-ear monitor, and the rain3 in-ear headphone. This marks the first major update to the product line for the company.

“These new headphones are a result of our continued commitment to quality. As time goes on we find better ways to manufacture products and improve what we currently have. These changes include better cosmetics, improved durability and tighter sound restrictions on the production line,” says Aaron Fournier, President and CEO of thinksound. “The On2 has had the most drastic improvements and you can tell right out of the box that it has a much higher-end feel than the previous version.”

The ms02 in-ear monitor and the rain3 in-ear headphone will be available in a single finish – a gunmetal baffle mated to chocolate-stained wood housing. All thinksound headphones include four different-sized silicon earbuds to ensure a comfortable fit. A cotton carrying case pouch is also included to carry the headphones, and includes room for an iPod or smartphone.

The On2 supra-aural monitor will be available in a beautiful natural wood finish and will include two sets of detachable Kevlar reinforced, tangle resistant fabric cables. One is a standard 4.5’ cable and the other cable features a microphone with single button control for smartphone use. The On1 has luxurious memory foam ear pads and a flexible headband for extra comfort. A cotton carrying pouch is also included to protect the headphones and store the accessories.

thinksound offers five different in-ear headphone models, two on-ear monitors and a growing line of accessories. The new rain3 in-ear 9mm high-definition headphone, new ms02 in-ear 8mm high-definition monitor, ts02 in-ear 8mm high-definition headphone, ts02+mic in-ear 8mm high-definition headphone with integrated microphone and call control, rain2 in-ear 9mm high-definition headphone with passive noise isolation, the new On2 40mm on-ear studio monitor and the On1 40mm on-ear studio monitor.

thinksound headphones are assembled primarily from renewable, recyclable resources like wood and aluminum, and feature PVC-free cables. The packaging is made from recycled materials. The design eliminates the typical plastic bubble normally associated with headphones and small electronics packaging that are bad for the environment and often hard to open.

About thinksound™:

thinksound™ began with a simple goal; to create incredible sounding headphones with the smallest eco-footprint possible. thinksound™ headphones are made with real wood, creating a more natural resonance and unparalleled acoustics.

thinksound™ takes their environmental impact as seriously as they do their audio products. All packaging is crafted from recycled materials, with minimal plastic components. Our headphones feature PVC-free cables and wood from renewable sources. The result is great sound that you can feel good about.

thinksound™ was founded by audio and consumer electronics industry leaders with over 25 years experience bringing exceptional audio products to market. They invite you try their headphones to experience the difference that quality craftsmanship and better attention to detail make. thinksound™ is owned and operated by TIMBRE SOUND LLC.

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