Cooperation Agreement Between MyDefence Communication and OpenWorks Engineering

Counter UAV companies MyDefence Communication and OpenWorks Engineering agree on cooperation to supply customers with an end to end Counter UAV solution. MyDefence has developed state of the art Drone detection system products and OpenWorks has developed a safe "Hard kill" solution to counter malicious drones. The two companies now work together to integrate their solutions.

Cooperation Agreement Between MyDefence Communication and OpenWorks Engineering
Aalborg, Denmark, October 14, 2016 --( OpenWorks Engineering and MyDefence Communication Cooperation

MyDefence, Aalborg (DK), are now collaborating with OpenWorks Engineering, Riding Mill (UK) to link-up their respective detection and mitigation solutions to create an end-to-end system for the end user.

"As a small company developing products in the counter UAV market we share many similarities with MyDefence," says Alex Wilkinson, Technical Director of OpenWorks Engineering. "The Wingman system is a very complementary single-operator product to our SkyWall100 system, and the installed systems would also work well with our proposed SkyWall300 product range. I certainly think we can work together to offer a full suite of detection and mitigation solutions."

MyDefence Communication is also very happy about this cooperation with OpenWorks Engineering. "The Counter UAV market is lacking safe 'hard kill' solutions and the SkyWall100 from OpenWorks is an almost perfect complement to MyDefence Wingman UAV detection product. We see some very interesting perspectives in this cooperation with OpenWorks."

About MyDefence
MyDefence was founded in 2009, with the vision of "Protecting those who protect us". MyDefence mission is to create new RF technologies with the aim of reducing Size Weight and Power on portable Counter IED and Counter UAV equipment.

About OpenWorks
OpenWorks‘ mission is to develop and deliver non-lethal countermeasure products and support high quality engineering projects in the defence and security market.
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