HILAO Launching: a Video Community to be Original & Real

Introducing HILAO, a new video app for iPhone that makes you an opinion influencer in 5 seconds.

HILAO Launching: a Video Community to be Original & Real
Walnut, CA, January 26, 2017 --(PR.com)-- A new video platform for originality

Vine is shutting down this January 17th. Vine has been a platform for big personalities as they claimed, so it is a bad news for Viners and all the Vine stars that have been contributing to the network with their originality.

Grieving on Vine shutdown is not going to bring it back, however. Thus, we introduce you HILAO, a new video community for iPhone users with a fresh idea of creativity. HILAO advocates a real lifestlyle where people speak out what they think regardless of the social norms. Users can become an opinion influencer on our video platform with their original thoughts.

Keeping it real
With the rise of social media, people are too affected by popular opinions and they are losing their original ideas because they do not dare to say. To many people, being cool on social media means giving up being real and faking a life to gain admiration. Nevertheless, people are forgetting that original ideas and expressions are what make us all different and interesting individuals. Faking invites faking, and the liking for the social proof we have when we fake are just fake.

Selena Gomez, the popstar with a 103-million-follower Instagram account shared with The Hollywood Reporter readers on how she used Instagram, and the tips are amazingly simple: there is no method to it. She would capture a slice-of-life picture with a caption, and sometimes the caption is just emoji because there is nothing she wants to say and emoji is how she expresses herself. “Let it be,” said Gomez.

Playing with social media without too much overthought, Gomez conquers the Instagram platform. How about we all play the game that way? Express ourselves, and just put the world away.

Conquering the Internet with your real personality
That is why HILAO was born, a community where we only speak the truth. HILAO is all about reacting to different “prompts” – which can be questions, challenges or inspirations for users to share opinions. And here is how the platform keeps it authentic: users will have only five seconds to think and another five to say or do something to respond to the prompt.

“With allegations of rigged polls, fake news on Facebook & other social media, authenticity is a precious commodity. HILAO is your trusted community to share true opinions fearlessly,” says Sunny Saurabh – founder of HILAO.

User’s reactions can be shared on other social networks as well like Instagram or Snapchat. HILAO also has a many-prompt-set challenge everyday for different tastes, so that users can share about what they like and care about. When you are free, you may want to share with friends what you think about Game of Thrones, or what beauty tips you think people should know.

HILAO hopes this world gets authentic again soon with your contribution. Join HILAO now! HILAO is available on the Appstore.
Sunny Saurabh
Vine Reborn as HILAO Video Community

Vine Reborn as HILAO Video Community

HILAO is a Saigon-based startup that focuses on building a fearless community that dare to express themselves freely. Our mission is to inspire people to speak out their real thoughts and keep the world real again.