DropSecure Makes Big-Bank Security Easy and Affordable for Small - and Medium-Sized Businesses

San Jose, CA, March 01, 2017 --(PR.com)-- DropSecure announced today the general availability of their new offering for the SMB market. The new service designed for small- and medium-sized businesses delivers military-grade security for file transfers. With this release, DropSecure becomes one of the most advanced secure file transfer solutions in the space, competing with many of the most sophisticated enterprise security solutions available.

In today’s environment, when anyone and all personal information could be targeted, small and medium-sized businesses are seeking a way to close the gap and offer their clients the same level of file transfer security as big business.

Data compromises are increasing,[1] and at current estimates each day more than 3 million data records are lost or stolen.[2] Identity theft continues to be the leading type of data breach – representing two-thirds of all breaches.[3] Consumers sending personal tax or mortgage documents to their service providers are a perfect example of identity theft “low hanging fruit.”

DropSecure already provides a free service for end users to send files privately, but recognizes that SMBs have unique security needs. With this release, SMBs can enjoy the same level of privacy as large global companies without expensive information rights management (IRM) solutions. “We are pleased to provide the level of file transfer security found on Wall Street, designed for businesses on Main Street,” said Amish Gandhi, Founder and CEO of DropSecure. DropSecure is proud to be certified HIPAA Compliant.

DropSecure’s latest release marks the general availability of their world-class file transfer security technology and service.

Featured in this release:

· Secure file vault with 100 GB space. Subscribers receive their own file storage space and can view all files sent and received. These files are protected with a private key so only the subscriber can view the contents. Keys are protected by a strong bcrypt hash and passwords are never sent to DropSecure’s servers.
· Secure file-sharing link. SMB subscribers have a shareable link to receive files from clients with 100% privacy. All files are encrypted with AES-256 keys within the browser before reaching the internet. Only the user can decrypt the file – DropSecure cannot view the contents, even if required by law.
· Persistent file controls. Subscribers can revoke access to sent items even after the file was opened for viewing.

“The reality of today is that if your files aren’t private, they’re public,” said Amish Gandhi, Founder and CEO of DropSecure. “We believe everyone – and every size of business – should be able to transfer and manage files securely with complete privacy. Our new innovations make it possible for us to offer military-grade security to everyone.”

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